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“Brian, you are one of the most well known and most highly respected hypnotists in the world, and I was thrilled to be at your recent Walkabout Trance workshop. It was great fun, but more than that it was enlightening for me and the others that attended. Taking it to the streets was a challenge for me, I have to admit. But putting it in practice gave me an additional skill that really makes hypnosis more interesting. I created a Hawaii Retreat in April and while I was there with my members having dinner, I hypnotized the waiter using your techniques and he had a straw stuck in his hands and the entire place was amazed.

“You are a solid instructor and a great pleasure to learn from. It is true, you can teach this old dog some new tricks… and I thank you for that.”

Wendi Friesen


“When I first got to Taiwan in 2004, I was lucky enough to attend Brian’s monthly meetings and hypnosis teachings. Although I was already trained in hypnosis in my psychology program and through NLP and through membership in ASCH, I found Brian to be the most versatile and knowledgeable teacher of hypnosis I had ever met. He knows all the literature and is generous with his knowledge. He knows all the theory and yet he can apply it in the street or on the stage. Although I am particularly impressed with his skills of Rapid Induction, he can pretty much use any technique at any time with any person in any situation. I find him amazing, a real treasure, and am one ole dog happy to learn new tricks from a down to earth master who is ethical and very, very good with all kinds of people. I can highly recommend Brian to you without reservation.”

Dr. Joseph Vidmar
Past-President, Louisiana Psychological Association


“Wow what an experience! Brian was a great teacher and a lot of fun. He brings a truly great academic mind to the table, then teaches with all the fun and vitality of the great stage hypnotist he truly is. His playful style engenders confidence and he cajoles the best out of each participant He is caring, supportive and keen to see that each student “gets it” in a way that can be immediately put it to practical use. I particularly enjoyed the trance games that assured that we practiced and observed with new partners several times in each exercise. The walk about trance experience was really a lot of fun and generated a wonderful camaraderie. A worthwhile learning experience and a perfect hypnotist’s mini-vacation… Kudos to Brian …. Brian.. I’ll see you on the next American tour …. for sure.”

Dr. Hugh Cole
Texas Tranceman


“I have been in the “professional” side of hypnosis since around 1987, and in that time, going to conventions and reading posts on the internet.. I kept coming across this guy from Taipei, Taiwan. Brian David Phillips. His posts were always very insightful.. his advice was to the point.. and he seemed like the kind of teacher that really cared about his students actually “GETTING IT”.

When I finally had the wonderful opportunity to meet him at a seminar he was teaching… I realized that he is WAY WAY more than he lets on in his postings. Here is a man who can teach basic hypnosis in the morning and shift right into Advanced techniques in the same module. Not just teaching them, but presenting them in such a way that even beginners can grasp the concepts and learn the skills. His wit is sharp and while you are busy laughing at his comments, his teachings slip right into your unconscious now and you learn at the deepest levels of your mind.

Well versed in Stage Presentation, Instant Inductions, hypnotic history and usage in “mystical” cultures, as well as the leading edge medical uses for hypnosis, this is a guy that you want to hang around and learn all the little nuance’s that he imparts to his classes. It is obvious from the first moment you meet him that he is one of the teachers who really gets it. I am looking forward to his next seminar.. and the chance to share some time with him.”

Richard Rumble
“Mister Hypnosis”, Comedy Hypnosis Shows


“I have attended a number of courses from Dr. Phillips and will continue to attend anything and everything I can. His courses are a bit standup comedy and a bit university lecture and completely worthwhile. I honestly have never learned so much from any other trainer and certainly never in such an informative and entertaining way.”

Samuel Chen


“Brian David Phillips is an outstanding instructor. His knowledge of hypnosis theory and practice makes any training with him extremely valuable. Brian’s teaching style is fun and playful, and encourages students to participate and learn by doing. If you want to learn instant and rapid hypnotic inductions and how to perform them safely, I recommend Brian David Phillips as an excellent instructor.

Brian, I have a lot respect for you as an educator and as a hypnotist. You always share what you know freely and this is something that I also respect and I am thankful for all you have shared with me.”

Sean Michael Andrews
“The World’s Fastest Hypnotist”


“Brian is a GIFTED master of hypnosis. He makes everything appear so easy and effortless that you know you are learning from a master. His classes are not only filled with learning but also with kindness, and fun. What a wonderful way to spend your time. If you are looking for a class or workshop to hone your skills, make the decision to learn from Brian David Phillips. Awesome skills, awesome fun and a person full of integrity, which is hard to find! Don’t miss an opportunity to study with him.”

Seth-Deborah Roth, CRNA, CCHt, CI


“I flew across an ocean to attend a course in couples hypnosis from Brian David Phillips and it was well worth the expense and then some. I wanted to learn about how to help clients as well as about orgasms and hypnosis but learned so much more. Taking that course with Dr. Phillips was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, not only for my hypnotherapy work but for my personal life as well.”

Sonja Myzina


“I attended Brian David Phillips’s Experiential Walkabout Trance event not too long ago, and I’ve got nothing but positive things to say about it. Brian covered a vast amount of really useful material in a small period of time. The workshop gave lots of opportunities to not only learn the material, but practice it as well. All the risk taking opportunities given really helped me to get over inhibitions regarding spontaneously offering hypnosis experiences to both strangers and colleagues. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. If you really want to be at the top of your game as a hypnotherapist of stage performer, I highly recommend this work.”

Sylvia Brallier
Author, Dancing in the Eye of Transformation
Director of the Tantric Shamanism Institute


“Hi Folks, I just got home from Brian David Phillip’s Walkabout Trance for Speedy Inductions and I’d like to say a few words about Dr. Phillips and his workshop.

“I really didn’t know what to expect. From reading his posts, my sense of his personality was that he was incredibly intelligent, energetic, and had a copious knowledge of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and it’s attending arts….

“I … decided to keep an open mind about him and his teaching methods when I signed up for the Walkabout.

“Well, my stars (who says that in the 21st Century?). Besides the fact that he teased me mercilessly (I think we are at a count of 47 zingers in one day), I thought he was delightful, generous, and funny. Rev. Dr. Brian David Phillips funny? Oh, yes. Very. He has outstanding comedic timing. And the thing that was most surprising? Incredibly loving. The big teddy-bear of a man is just a gooey marshmallow of love. Who knew?

“And I loved, just loved, every second of his workshop. It ended way, way, way too quickly. A case of time distortion at it’s finest. I met incredibly wonderful people (as is always true at a hypnosis convention) …. Everything was perfectly executed. You know that it’s a great workshop when you have a bunch of stage hypnotists there, and Wendi herself. That tells you something.

“I was so pleased with this workshop I wish I could do it again next weekend, now that I know what to expect from Dr. BDP.”

Stephanie Rothman, C.Ht., EFT, NLP


“There is a very good reason why so many people come from all over the world come to seminars offered by Brian David Phillips. He is the best, simply the best. I have been a professional hypnotist for over forty years and I have never seen anyone as fast or as competent as he is.”

Paolo Enriquez


“Brian’s class was very engaging and involved a hands on approach which allowed all the participants to learn through creative exploration. He made learning fun and provided a safe and nurturing environment for practice. The techniques taught by him were useful and readily applicable, be it in the field of entertainment or changework. I have personally benefited greatly from his counsel.

“If you are curious about the incredible power of the mind and like to expand your comfort zone, I’d highly recommend you get in touch with Brian.”

Ujjwal Dharmaraj


“I attended one of Brian’s trainings . . . and have been a long-time reader of his blog. As an experienced hypnotist, I can attest that he is exceptionally competent and sets the bar by which others are measured. He is well-versed in both hypnotic theory and practical application, and gives professional and exciting demonstrations of the skills needed to become a hypnotist. Brian’s creativity also shines through in his work – one of the most challenging parts of his training was being given the task of creating new techniques on-the-fly. You don’t get out of his class without proving that you can do it. I highly recommend his training to anyone who is serious about learning hypnosis, and I am eager to see what Brian creates in the future.”

Taylor Sherman


“This Sensual Mind Ecstatic course is a worthy investment, I was fortunate enough to attend in Sydney and it was incredibly fun and productive. I found this training to be more beneficial professionally than any other course I’ve attended. Unlike some others teaching this field, Dr. Brian David Phillips is ethical, considerate and has a completely consensual model. The skills are transferable to mainstream practice and a blessing to yourself and your relationships.”

Melissa Baker


“I thought I knew it all and that I was multi-orgasmic before attending the Eroticatrance course with Dr. Phillips. My experience with Tantra only went part of the way. Now I’ve gone so much farther than multi-orgasmic. I had never even heard of a thought orgasm, now they come naturally to me. Thank you so much!”

Innana Belit Mylitta


“Thank you for the marvelous stage hypnosis course. I enjoyed the five evenings together with you. I will definitely be there if you open another course.”


“I just want to say thank you for a arranging such a wonderful class with many resources and demonstration. It was one probably the most enjoyable training I have ever attended.

“Stage hypnosis is a wide range entertainment which hypnotist can use all imaginations and creativities for the show. You have clearly explained the structures of the flow as well as introduced varieties of techniques both from the textbook and video.

“In fact, there are opportunities to explore in school, universities, tourist spots, and cooperate parties (especially in the year end). Yes! There are opportunities!!!

“Again, thank you for a wonderful training, especially, it is so unique and made me start to think in different ways.”


“I cannot recommend the work of Brian David Phillips enough. I have seen many hypnotists and participated in many workshops, but nothing prepared me for just how far someone can develop with this material until I met Dr. Phillips.”

Karl Schumacher


“I honestly didn’t think it was physically possible for a human being to experience that much pleasure and that many orgasms, let alone experience all that just from THINKING ABOUT IT! Thank you so much for opening my eyes to new possibilities.”

Wendy Wu

“To quote Molly Bloom . . . YES YES YES!”

Nancy Chu

“We will always be grateful to you for leading us through the door and guiding us down these first wonderful steps on a road to new possibilities. My husband and I enjoyed your pleasure hypnosis workshop for couples more than you can possibly understand. You have shown us that a couple of old dog senior citizens can learn a few new tricks and recapture that feeling of vitality and love again. If only we had known forty years ago. Thank you.”

Elizabeth Sanders

“It was WONDERFUL! There were folks from Detroit, Texas, New Hampshire, Atlanta, Portland (two, besides me), Seattle, and all over California. There was even a guy from India. Some had been hypnotists since their teens; others had never hypnotized anyone before — or been hypnotized themselves. Of 50+ people . . . I met some absolutely dear people, and the time went by far too quickly . . . . I came home excited, having learned a lot, met some fabulous people . . . . It is good to be home, and I’m so grateful for the new friends and skills.”

“I had a great time at this last year. . . . And I learned a lot and got a lot of practice time in with the techniques. I’d love to go again . . . . The best part of the event, in my opinion, is going out there and using what you’ve just learned. Walkabout trance can be very nerve-wracking if you’re not used to it, and this is a safe and fun way to experience it.”

Joshua Johnston

“I learned sooo much. Taking my new knowledge out on the strand and using it immediately was scary wonderful!! I took away more new knowledge and technique in two days than possibily any other course than I hve ever taken. It was an intense experience. I met so many of the brightest and best in hypnosis!”

Nancy McCune

“My heart goes to you guys, GOD is my witness, I had so much fun, I will make it happen , yes, you will see me there, hopefully for more then just a visit… I cannot remember other training so far that I had fun the entire weekend.”

Doreen Cohanim

“Thanks Brian for an amazing event. Met up with friends, made new ones, had a blast!.”


“I’m so glad I went. It was a blast. A fun, frolicking hypnotic weekend it was. And at least one waitress no longer has a fear of heights! I’m looking forward to next year already..”

Craig Eubanks

“I just wanted to post here about how much I enjoyed this weekend and got out of it! Thanks to Brian – seeing how you work and learning from you was a pleasure. And really, thanks to all the attendees. As someone fairly new to this, what ended up being by far the most amazing part of all of this was getting to talk to other hypnotists – I valued all of the insights, conversations, and connections. I have a feeling its only the beginning. More, please, I want more!”

Andrea Bari

“In short, it was a blast! Forget “heal the healer” retreats… As a hypnotherapist/NLP Practitioner, there’s no better place to heal then a weekend away having tons of fun with a bunch of crazy hypnotists… I’ve never met Brian and in honesty, wasn’t certain what to expect from him. Not only does he know how to make a weekend of street hypnosis *fun for the whole family*, I was very impressed with his knowledge and expertise as a hypnotherapist and instructor. I’ll see you guys next year!”

Kevin Cole

“Thanks to everyone! Can’t tell you what a great time I had learning, growing, making hypnotic friends, and hobnobbing with hypnotic colleagues. The whole experience was about three times better than advertised!”

Bryan Cassidy

“I’ve been to all the walkabouts so far and am planning on attending this one as well. Brian does a few things I rarely, if ever, see from other trainers that are worth watching. The group is fun and playful with a lot of active participation encouraged by Brian.”

Scott Sandland

“Thank you, for an eye-opening weekend. Not only did I get to learn wonderful new things, I made new friends I would never have met without you. Now to find devious…I mean adventurous…ways to put the learning into action.”

Jackie Spencer

“This was a fantastic weekend full of great info, wonderful experiences and fabulous folks. Thanks for presenting your work. I enjoyed the hypnosis getaway. Looking forward to applying a bunch of new ideas. Happy trails!”

Doc Regal

“Thank you so much! That was an absolutely amazing experience! I am so glad I was able to attend.”

Doug Brown

“Brian, I did not know what to expect . . . I am so glad I had no preconceptions of what was going to happen because I would have been wrong and anything I could have imagined would not have been close to the amazing time I had. I’ve been to couples retreats and tantra weekends but I’ve never ever had such a full body response as what you showed us within five minutes . . . just from breathing . . . wow! I am blushing just thinking about it. Thank you so much!”

Jennifer Kyle

“I came to the training with quite a bit of training under my belt. I am certified in hypnosis and NLP from multiple organizations and I’ve been a full time practicing hypnotherapist for fifteen years. Before the end of the first day with Brian, I realized I had only scratched the surface. This guy is the real deal and he is able to do things with ease that most can’t even imagine. I am so very grateful that I was able to attend. I learned more from this single weekend than I believe I had learned from all of my previous trainings combined.”

Steve Kenner

And on the Society of Experiential Trance, founded by Brian David Phillips . . .

Society of Experiential Trance is a fresh alternative, an organization in which hypnotists of every variety, from traditional to experimental and from beginner to advanced, will surely feel at home. I look forward to the much-needed cross-pollination and evolution that SET will undoubtedly engender in the coming years.”

Philip H. Farber
Author of Meta-Magick:
The Book of Atem: Achieving New States of Consciousness
through NLP, Neuroscience and Ritual




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