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Yes, I do create custom hypnosis MP3 recordings.

For custom session recordings, I charge US$60-90 if the suggestions are more general in nature so that I can add the piece to my catalog of materials for sale to others.

If you prefer to order a recording for which the suggestions are personalized and specific to you and your needs in a way that makes them impossible to add to the store, then the price range is US$150-175 for a single custom recording.

General adult oriented custom recordings that can be sold through our adult oriented shop are US$90-135. While adult oriented material that is personalized or of a nature that is inappropriate for our public stores may be commissioned for US$175-250.

Email me at with details as to the subject matter and whether you prefer a personalized or general recording. Most subjects are US$65 for a custom piece to be added to the store while highly unusual or adult graphic pieces will run higher ranging up to US$100 for some subjects with private non-store items ranging higher (please note that while I am personally quite liberal, there are certain requests I simply will not accept for commission).

Custom recording pieces are for your personal use only and may not be sold, traded, given away, copied, or distributed in any form.

Payment is made through Paypal or credit card via a secure online billing system.

If you wish to order a custom audio recording, let me know more details in regard to what the context and type recording you are requesting (be as detailed as possible) as well as what sort of suggestions you would like to have on the recording within that context (while, I may have my particular general approach to the issue, this would help me get a feel for your actual goal outcome for change). Let me know if you prefer this is to be personalized for your use only or if it is to be a more general piece which I may wish to include in my catalog of pre-recorded pieces for others to purchase later (as to the price range above).

Please, only one issue or context per recording purchased. This is both to streamline the pricing process as well as to ensure the effectiveness of the suggestion set for your benefit.

Custom Audio Recording Query

Email me at with your Name, Age (certain products, such as custom recordings of this type, can only be sold to persons age 18 or above), address, and contact information (day or evening phone) – this is for either online or mailed products as it is part of the records keeping to verify against your credit card bill.

In addition to what you have already told me, you should also outline:

  1. In your own words, in fifty to one hundred words, tell me what you would like to accomplish via the recording. How do you wish to feel or what effects would you like to diminish or deal with?
  2. Please focus on one general primary issue and no more than three directly associated secondary issues.
  3. Write ten short sentences you would like specifically “suggested” to you in the recording.
  4. Include any other additional information you feel would be helpful.

We will then reply with a link to the offsite secure online order processing center where you can then pay via credit card.

Once we’ve been notified of payment, the order goes into the books. Please allow three to four weeks for processing.

This is Very Important

Before ordering a custom audio hypnosis session, it is a very very very good idea to first listen to some of the other commercially available hypnosis audio sessions available from Dr. Phillips via the store downloads at (eroticatrance audio sessions can be found here and here for those seeking that sort of material) or at the very very least some of the streaming sessions available in the blog as this will give you at least some indication of tone and style.

Thank You

I hope this has been helpful. I look forward to working with you and helping you realize your dreams.

Brian David Phillips