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Here are our Hypnosis Sessions on Audio CD. Products listed here are not currently available as digital downloads.

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CD15 Breast Enhancement Hypnosis
Breast Enhancement Hypnosis Audio CD. Multiple Sessions on Two CDs If you would like more information on this product - if you're not already there - click on the link above or the thumbnail to go to the product description page. Please note. This product is a CD, it is NOT available for download and the product is SEVERELY LIMITED AND NOT AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES. If not available, we recommend you check other vendors such products available from Wendi Friesen or Victoria Gallagher or others.
Price: $75.00
Price: $175.00

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Unless specifically noted otherwise, all audio and video products from Brian David Phillips and Waking Dreams Hypnosis are recorded in English with no other languages available (some show performances or seminar products are presented via interpretation from English into Chinese and are noted).

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