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Brian David Phillips, Ph.D., C.H.


Shhhhh. Be very quiet. It’s a secret! Join us on EXPERIENTIAL HYPNOSIS, the Official Newsletter of Brian David Phillips and eXperiential Hypnosis with exclusive trance training, hypnosis information, videos, essays, and a whole lot of other information.

eXperiential Hypnosis Newsletter

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Brian David Phillips

This list is open to beginners and novices through highly advanced and highly skilled professionals and anyone in between. There really is something for everyone . . . from the recreational hypnotist to the entertainer to the educator to the sports enthusiast to the professional hypnotherapist to . . . well, anyone who uses focused trance and hypnosis who has a desire to explore, learn, and tranceform. However, we do ask that folks be at least eighteen years of age before they sign up for this newsletter . . . while most material is certainly okay for most folks, there will be some topics or material discussed that might be considered inappropriate for younger folks . . . don’t fret, the list will be here when you turn eighteen).

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eXperiential Hypnosis Newsletter

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Brian David Phillips

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