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In addition to a digital ton of free information, resources, and news from the regular blog categories, members of this website also get access to a slew of exclusive freebies and goodies. Most of these programs are available to Basic or Free members of the site. Some goodies programs may require premium or amethyst membership to access.


  • FREE MEMBER BONUS FILES – special files and posts and videos and more for all registered members of the site, free and otherwise.
  • FREE MP3s – special files and recordings for download.
  • HYPNOSIS VIDEOS – our blog category of general hypnosis videos.


  • GETTING STARTED IN EROTIC HYPNOSIS – an introduction to erotic hypnosis with links to scripts and more.
  • PENDULUM AUTOQUESTIONING – informative video and info on how to communicate directly with your unconscious mind using a pendulum.
  • MIND GAMES – engaging interactive video series with guidance on various imagination games you can try too.
  • TAROT TRANCE – instructional video for combining Tarot cards with hypnotic experiential trancework.
  • FAIRY DRAGON – Get your very own Fairy Dragon with this instructional video on the Magick Egg Trance Process.
  • DRTRC – Deep Relaxation Trigger Response Conditioning audio files, many for streaming play or download.
  • DTM – Deep Trance Modeling audio files, many for streaming play or download.
  • GUIDED IMAGERY COLLECTION – expanded guided imagery audio files, many for streaming play or download.
  • HYPNO DRUNK VIDEO SERIES – Learn various ways to achieve drunken trance without alcohol or how to get high without drugs with this instructional video series.
  • XANADU SERIES – our blog category for posts of audio files related to the Xanadu Erotic Hypnosis series. Most of these are Amethyst members only files.



  • NEWSLETTER – in addition to informative and helpful news and more, get immediate access to a slew of free goodies for download as well as very special super secret exclusive deals and discounts on many of our products or programs.
  • HYPNO TAIWAN – if you’re in Taiwan, join us for free live workshops and seminars. You also get access to freebies for download too.

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    October 17, 2014 at 3:35 am

    Thanks for the website! Found it on Hypnothoughts and look forward to new learning.