HYPNOTHOUGHTS LIVE! Don’t Miss This AMAZING Opportunity!

I don’t know how many of you know that I will be presenting at a new hypnosis conference this year. Most of you have heard of HypnoThoughts.com, the completely free hypnosis resource with over 12,000 members. Did you know that HypnoThoughts is going to hold it’s first live event this summer in Las Vegas? It’s called HypnoThoughts Live and it’s happening June 14-16. I am also giving a very special post-seminar on June 17-18 as part of the HypnoThoughts Live experience!

There are lots of hypnosis conferences every year for you to choose from. Amazingly, most people don’t really think about what they are choosing. They go where they’ve gone before or they attend the conference closest to them. This year, I’d like you to really think about where you are sending your money and what you are getting in return.

HypnoThoughts is doing things a little differently than some of the other great conferences. It isn’t affiliated with a single organization, instead they have invited every certifying body to attend and share the space. The topics are a wider variety because HypnoThoughts is about the exchange of ideas and learning from people with different models and perspectives. Yes, the Society of Experiential Trance will be there too.

This won’t be the same topics and lecturers you’ve heard before. This won’t be your same instructors teaching you the same techniques again. This is an opportunity to see something different. From clinical interventions to street hypnosis, there’s nothing out of bounds because we want you to learn from everyone.

I’m really excited about what will be shared at HypnoThoughts Live in between lectures. With all the big names and bigger personalities all under one roof, there will be a buzz in the air.

So, where do you go to learn more?

My extra special offerings?

I’m looking forward to this conference and hope to see you all there. It’s an amazing value, a special experience, and a great idea that’s time has come.

Live Trance and Prosper,