Exploring the Hypnotic Legacy of Andrew Salter and Beyond

One of the real tricks to success in hypnosis and any other endeavor is to learn anything and everything you can from the masters, those special innovative people who came before us, and take that information and those techniques and combine them with other effective methods you have learned and refine and refine and continue to learn and explore. The thing about hypnosis is that it is essentially very easy to learn but you really should spend your lifetime continuing to learn and to master. As I tell my students, I do not want you to be like me and just do things the way I do them but I want you to learn from me and learn from others and to create new working approaches, continue to learn and to excel . . . in that spirit, I would like to point you in the direction of someone whose work is often overlooked by contemporary hypnotists but who has a very great deal to continue to offer.

I have mentioned my interest in and respect for the work of ANDREW SALTER previously here on the blog (http://briandavidphillips.net/2011/02/10/saltersolving/) and I’ve continued to explore his ideas and how they can be adapted to my own work.

Coincidentally, at least I assume so, Andrew Salter‘s work has been mentioned with a great deal of respect on a few of the hypnosis discussion groups I belong to lately . . . as well it should. I you don’t know who Andrew Salter was, then google and wikipedia are your friends. Seriously. He had a tremendous impact upon changework and yet nine-hundred-ninety-nine out of one thousand working professional hypnotists (or, more likely, fewer) today do not have a clue as to who he was or what he taught or how they can use his methods or ideas to enhance their own effectiveness. Salter made a number of innovations in treating clients, many of them have become standard operating procedure in areas such as assertiveness training, often without acknowledgment of just where the methods originated. Hypnotists are happy to debate and argue about the merits or impact of the work of folks like Milton Erickson and Dave Elman (the names most often championed) with head nods on occasion to the likes of Herbert Spiegel and a few others . . . but Salter’s name more often than not gets lost in the shuffle.

Salter’s key works include:

  • What is Hypnosis?
  • Conditioned Reflex Therapy: The Direct Approach to Reconstruction of the Personality
  • The Conditioning Therapies: The Challenge to Psychotherapy
  • The Case Against Psychoanalysis

changework seminar in

New Model
Experiential Hypnotic
Conditioned Reflex Therapy

and Beyond

A Course in
Creative Hypnosis and Influence Techniques for
Engineering and Modifying Personality Constructs Employing
New Model Experiential Hypnotic Conditioned Reflex Therapy

For those of you coming to my HYPNOTIC PERSONALITY RESTRUCTURING seminar in Hong Kong set for August 20-21, that program incorporates a revised updated protocol specifically inspired by Salter’s work (the clue is in the titles) . . . obviously, among other things as there is a whole slew of material in this upcoming program that is unique in its presentation.

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    May 19, 2012 at 1:38 am

    Brian, did you record that seminar? Will It be avaliable for on DVD for shopping? Please give us more material on Andrew Salter since he died and few stuff is avaliable on used book stores or academic research.

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    May 19, 2012 at 10:08 am

    No, that material will not be made available on video in the shop. We may record it at a later date but not this one.