Special Milestone Free HYPNODRUNK Videos Now Online!


Folks, we’ve done it! We’ve reached our first Milestone Marker for the TRANCE SOCIETY COMMUNITY and to celebrate our 500th member, we’ve uploaded not one, not two, not three, not ten, but FIFTEEN Milestone Videos to the MILESTONE ARCHIVE group at the Community.

Head on over to the free Trance Society Community at http://trancesociety.net/community to peruse fifteen separate instructional videos with explanations and demonstrations of fifteen different approaches to the Hypnotic Drunk aspect of drug of choice inductions.

While the videos concentrate on fifteen approaches to suggested hypnotic drunkenness, do keep in mind that the same processes and techniques can be used for suggested chemical effects of any type . . . from recreational drug recreation through therapeutic interventions.

Nope, the trance partner need not have previously experienced the suggested druglike effect for the technique to be effective. Yep, it’s LOT of FUN!

All the best,
Brian David Phillips
President, Society of Experiential Trance
Founder, Trance Society Community