Orgasm Handshake? Yes, Really! Here’s How.

At the Hypnosis Technique Exchange (, a question was asked about helping a client learn to have climax with a partner which she does not find easy to do despite being able to climax on her own. The hypnotist who asked the question is a trained hypnotherapist with no experience with erotic hypnosis. The same client – a friend – has also asked about being the recipient of an orgasm handshake.

For learning some background , there are a few books I might reccommend for beginners in erotic hypnosis, in fact, there are plenty of resources for this . . . if you know where to look. Here’s a list of books (books, not tapes or videos but books) on the subject that will get folks started . . . . . . yes, it’s an old post so it’s a bit out of date but the material referenced is still pretty solid stuff.

Of course, if you want to go into videos . . . instructional material, I would strongly recommend the Eroticatrance DVD set at and not just because I authored it. It has explanations, demonstrations, and feedback. If you are already a trained hypnotist then the material in there will jump start you in erotic hypnosis very well (it also presents all the skillsets necessary for specialist certification). If you are not previously trained in hypnosis, it will still get you started but I would also suggest going through the Core Skills material first (the ultimate pleasure hypnosis package includes both of those sets and much more). Of course, since the exchange is my group, I’m going to say that that would be the “canonical” choice.

As to the Orgasm Handshake. Here’s a video of one variation . . . . . . this is from one of my bilingual shows in Taipei a few years ago. The young woman who is trance volunteer for this bit is a first time hypnosis volunteer (this was her first time seeing a live show, let alone being in one). My wife is doing the Chinese interpretation in the back. You hear a clicker which I am using as an arousal state accelerator (some of you have seen my clicker, I use the same one in the Eroticatrance DVD set with a gentleman trance partner volunteer – just so you know that this stuff works with any gender, something you will see clearly in the DVD). One could use finger clicks or a word but the clicker is interesting to most folks and easy to use (does not tire the fingers and isn’t too intrusive once you introduce it). After the show, some folks wanted to buy my clicker but I let them know that it’s not the clicker that’s important but the skills to set it up and use it and they would do well to take my class instead . . . I suppose some day I will get around to having a bunch of ’em done up with my logo on them as souvenirs. The state accelerator is useful.

Before I go into too much of it, first let’s see the video . . .

Once you’ve got that set up and built intense arousal, then the handshake orgasm is not all that difficult. The way I do it in this video is very straightforward.

Afterward, I am sure to thank the volunteer in part by giving her the gift of her own anchor which she can use on her own.

BTW, be sure to clear the clicker state accelerator suggestion so that the sound no longer affects your volunteer outside of the office or performance area. If you are doing a suggestion like that for recreational purposes with an appropriate significant other than make sure that your triggers are context specific and it’s a good idea to say they only work with you or with someone that they trance partner wishes them to work with.  The DVD set covers this context safety issue and more fully.

I hope this has been helpful.

Now, feel free to go to and purchase your copy of the one true canonical material on erotic hypnosis . . . canonical, at least here. Seriously though, a lot of folks have found the material very helpful.

All the best,

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