Kaye’s Music in Concert

Tonight is the year-end performance for my daughter Kaye's class . . . and . . . this is a big deal . . . she will be performing one of her own compositions in the program.

As regular readers know, Kaye is finishing her first year in a music specialty high school program.  She is currently double majoring in Composition and Piano.

She's been writing songs for a few years now, in a classical style.

She is in Tamkang Senior High School's Musical Specialty Program which is the oldest musical specialty program in the country (some of you may be familiar with the school as it is the setting of famous alumnus Jay Chou's film 不能說的秘密 or "Secret" aka "The Secret That Cannot Be Told" which was internationally successful, there are frequent tours from Japan that come to the school so it's not uncommon to see a group of Japanese girls taking photos on campus – see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_(2007_film) for info on the film).  She entered as a piano major and cello minor but dropped cello for composition real fast (that was actually her "plan" from the get-go as she took a year's tutorial in cello in order to get up to speed for the minor's entrance exam but her real love is composition.

She would like to major in composition and minor in piano as she figures that would be less work but her teachers have been encouraging her to double major as her talent in piano is such that it seems a shame not to major.

In any case, tonight is the year-end performance for of the students in the program and Kaye will be performing one of her own pieces "Camelot" which also happens to be her mother's favorite at the moment (I only say, at the moment because she's always creating something new).

Those who are curious can hear some of Kaye's earlier compositions at http://www.kayephillips.com (sorry, but that page has not been updated in ages and ages and perhaps ages more so her more recent pieces are not there).

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    June 4, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    Tamkang is the oldest school in Taiwan but the oldest music program in high school is from Kwon-Yen.