Tarot Reading, Enrique Enriquez Style

I love Tarot, as any regular reader of Life of Brian knows . . . I collect them, I read for introspective purposes, I read professionally, I own and moderate a very well-respected email list, I design cards, layouts, and reading systems, and I teach Tarot.  There are a few folks in the world of Tarot whose work is resonate with my own approach . . . Enrique Enriquez is one of those folks.  While my personal reading style is a bit different from his, I find his ideas very very compelling and very much worth recommendation.

So you want to learn to read Tarot cards? . . . by Foucault is a nice clear handed review of Enrique Enriquez’s valuable Looking at the Marseilles Tarot: Notes on Tarot’s Optical Language by Enrique Enriquez (http://www.mindseyeview.com/marseilles-tarot.html) which I too have found to be a wonderful exploration of the cards.  I am drawn to Enriquez’s style of approaching Tarot and divination in general (I absolutely love his Invisible Readings, Invisible Tarot, and Invisible Gemstone books) as well as his approach to magic, magick, and waking hypnosis performance.

Foucault’s criticisms are valid but, as he rightly noted, the weaknesses are easily surmounted and one does indeed "get it" rather quickly once you stop getting bogged down into over-complicating things for yourself and just notice the sheer elegance and simplicity of the beautiful model that Enriquez presents, assuming such approaches are resonate with you.

For more of Enrique Enriquez, see his webpages, his myspace which begins his fascinating mind poetry effort, and his Mind Poetry pages that finish that project.  Of course, those who are interested in really looking into how Enriquez approaches the Marseilles Tarot will find his Eye Rhyme blog to be an incredible resource of model readings as it includes a series of three-card draws with readings.

Personally, I am drawn to elegant systems of this type (see my own Tarot Simplified course (http://www.briandavidphillips.com/training/tarotizing.html) which has some resonance with Enriquez’s approaches as well as others in this vein).

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