Marriage D’Amour performed by Kaye Elizabeth Phillips

Kaye Elizabeth Phillips performs Richard Clayderman "Marriage D’Amour" (Wedding in a Dream), 21 Oct. 2006, Taipei, Taiwan.

Kaye set the camera up in her bedroom next to the piano and recorded herself. She is twelve years of age at the time of the recording. She is also my daughter. Kaye absolutely loves piano and dreams of becoming a professional musician when she grows up. Unlike so many parents, we don’t have to "force" her to practice her piano, we pretty much have to force her to stop. When she’s happy, she plays piano. When she’s sad, she plays piano. When she’s pissed off and angry, she plays piano. When she has homework that needs doing, she plays piano. Recently, she had a composition assignment in her Chinese class in which she wrote that she loves performing magic tricks for her classmates because when they are amazed and smile, it makes her feel good inside. She loves playing piano because when she plays it, she feels good, especially when someone is listening and they like it too. She discovered that her key to feeling good is to make others feel good and one of her gateways is to share what she loves with them . . . music is a large part of that.

I am so amazed at her sometimes.

Brian (aka, Daddy)