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This is not a typical competition. For one thing, hypnotists don’t normally have competitions . . . not like the various magician’s groups that have this or that king or master or grand champion of magic . . . hypnotists tend to leave each other alone or compete in the market place rather than on stage as a bona fide head to head hypnotic battle . . . not stage hypnotists, and certainly not erotic hypnotists . . . and certainly not erotic stage hypnotists.

However, that’s exactly what this video purports to do.

Nine hypnotists have competed in preliminary rounds to hypnotically win spots to hypnotically battle it out for the championship.

In all fairness, some of these guys are really good hypnotists . . . we’re talking real skills. Some of them . . . well . . . to put it mildly . . . suck . . . not just a little suck we’re talking full on raging hard suck. While most of the guys in the competition do seem to know their way around a swinging pendulum, and a few are obviously masters at the craft . . . a couple couldn’t hypnotize their way out of a pre-moistened tissue paper bag in the rain.

Now, it is still an interesting competition.

They have nine ladies who have volunteered – it looks like some of the lady volunteers have been supplied by the hypnotists themselves as well, what with the backstage goings on – lined up in chairs and each hypnotist takes his turn to do a full induction on the group then some group erotic hypnosis effects followed by some individual bits with one or two girls good naturedly selected by the opponents either because of responsiveness or unresponsiveness depending upon the charity or playfullness of the group.

Some of these guys are of the "I am a real hypnosit and I don’t want to show my face on camera doing this naughty stuff so I will wear a silly mask" ilk which I just don’t get. If you’re too ashamed to show your face doing adult work, then don’t do the work! My motto is that if you can’t look your mother square in the eye and tell her you’ve done this or that, then don’t do it. If you can tell your mother that you’re doing it without shame then screw the rest of the world because if it’s okay with your mom then the planet doens’t matter all that much. Of course, we’ve had this issue before in the stage hypnosis category so look up my big ol’ essay on owning up there.

One hypnotist who seems to be styling himself as a doctor who obviously sucks, comes in with notes on a sheet that he reads from . . . yes, he is reading his induction and his hypnogags . . . not even on notecards, he’s using handwritten scratchings on notepaper . . . sheesh . . . not sure what the hell he does which is considered and infraction as it’s cut from the footage. We are going into his mundane bit and suddenly there is a cut and he’s standing there ashamed and the MC is chastizing him for breaking the rules and he is disqualified.

The two best hypnotists don’t actually advance to the finals, they have excellent hypnotic technique and manage the committee of ladies very well during the group bit.

The two guys who advance to the final round suck . . . they really do . . . the only reasons I can think for them to advance are any of the following (1) the contest is rigged and they are predetermined to be the winners, (2) the judges are idiots, and (3) they both told one or three girls to strip naked and rub their naked nude no-clothes but really hot and horny bodies against the judges who are so obviously excited to get that sort of attention.

The final round is for each of the hypnotists to hypnotize a porn star into having sex with a stunt penis guy brought in for the occassion. Sorry, but that really isn’t an indication of hypnotic skill . . . porn stars will have sex with some guy if you pay them so you don’t really need any hypnosis in the experience. The do a bit with the situation to enhance it but not really anything of value or particularly worthwhile. Folks who take my couples hypnosis course on intimate romance and sensuality hypnosis will actually learn to do so very much more than what these guys could come up with. (that’s a plug for the course, see my webpages for the blurbs and more information – but sign up now as the seats are limited and the early bird special expires very soon).

Even though the final round sucks . . . pun . . . in more ways than one, the program is still worth seeing for the initial bits as it is interesting to compare personalities and techniques of different hypnotists for this sort of context in what is truly a unique way.

Actually, I think it would be nice to organize a similar event . . . one with some of the American erotic hypnotist out there (and myself, of course) and put ’em all head to head with a pack of ladies and see what comes of it all. Hmmm. Maybe an International Erotic Hypnosis Cup . . . hmmmmmm.

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. . . King of Mesmerism Competition . . .
. . . . . . hypnotists in erotic hypnosis tournament

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    December 22, 2005 at 12:02 am

    I wonder if there might be an HBO special in that?

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    December 22, 2005 at 7:58 am

    Definately. Sign me up.