Hypnotic Hypnotist Fansign . . .
. . . from the Con of the Dragon . . .
. . . with a plethora of fansignish goodness!

Some of my hypnotist friends went to DragonCon (Sept. 1-4, 2005) in Atlanta and decided to say hello to me in a vey very special way . . . with a fansign!

From left to right Aaron (hypnofocus), David (idav5d, front), Lane (S.LanePierce, rear), and Susan (prismfire). I am told David (my friend and very competent and gentlemanly co-moderator at the Hypnosis Technique Exchange, is the primary culprit for the set. Click on the photo to go the page with the larger version and then browse the rest of that gallery for more. These folks not only sent me their fansign, they then ran around the convention and forced other happy people to hold up the sign. It is a fansign cornucopia! Of course, by showing me all the kool people and nifty events and blathering about them on their own blogs (including tasty tidbits about double handfuls of the articulate, intelligent, and rather hottish Jewel Staite’s ass – I so envy you folks who get to see Serenity when it opens as we have not seen a single peep about the movie over here . . . my frustration doth overwhem mineself), they’re also letting me know what an incredibly neat event I am missing and that we just don’t have incredibly kool cons like that on this side of the Big Blue. Oh, sure, we have some kool events like cosplay but nothing as neat as some of the cons these folks go to. Almost makes me regret living in Asia . . . almost. It was nice to see that David’s kids enjoy cosplaying as well. My daughter Kaye has been cosplaying at comic conventions here since she was four years old.

Wow. Good stuff.

Thank you, my friends . . . thou hast fed mine ego most heartily! That is a WONDERFUL set . . . just plain WOW! You folks are just plain grrreeat!

  2 comments for “Hypnotic Hypnotist Fansign . . .
. . . from the Con of the Dragon . . .
. . . with a plethora of fansignish goodness!

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    September 14, 2005 at 2:57 pm

    It’s great to meet friends, yes, but I just can’t understand why you say” Almost makes me regret living in Asia . . . almost”,is there anything too bad?

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    September 15, 2005 at 8:40 am

    Not sure I get the point of the comment. I love living in Asia but I do miss being able to frequently go to science fiction and gaming conventions as well as some of the more lively adult oriented fantasy conventions that my friends back home in the US have access too. I have only seen one “gaming” convention in Taipei and it was nothing in comparision to scope and quality to what is available stateside. Yes, we do have comic book conventions here – check my cosplay galleries – but they too are not the same without the celebrity guests and workshops. Science Fiction doesn’t have a strong fandom presence either. There are not general fandom conventions on even a small scale. My point was that I MISS THE CONS and that living here, that is one thing I really do regret. The fandom community isn’t nearly as active. The point about “almost” is simply that, while I miss the cons, I still love the bulk of my life here. It was not a point about things being “too bad” just different and at least some things not being at a level I would prefer to experience.