Erotic Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

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I need some help. My girlfriend found out I was getting into hypnosis, and she has been badgering me to hypnotize her and leave a post hypnotic suggestion activated by a word to make her not only more sensitive, but also horny and a bit submissive (she has a submissive fetish, but she can’t seem to relize it.) If anyone could help with a technique that would fit along these lines, we’d both be grateful.

I’m going to have to agree with others that she’s already pretty much given you what you need.

Hypnotize her . . . I prefer Elman or some other protocol that gets and tests for somnambulism . . . take a look at what has already been submitted for this month’s theme and adapt it or go into the archives where there are MORE THAN PLENTY of examples of just the past messages for the group . . . albeit, you don’t have to do it that way . . . heck, from what you’ve described, you can do the whole process in the "waking" state with simple anchors and trigger mechanisms . . . along the lines of "close your eyes and think of a time when your body was really hot and horny and volcano lust is pouring through your veins and now imagine that each time I say "Unga Bunga Bunga Binga Bunga Boonga Bunga" that fire becomes a thousand times hotter and you feel your self burning with lust and becoming more and more submissive as you SURRENDER TO MY WORDS" . . . make sure she really makes the connection . . . break it a few times and then do it again, each time compounding. I would suggest using a different trigger word though, something short that works with you in appropriate contexts but not too weird that you feel strange saying it "burning fire" is probably fine. I would suggest using the word "surrender" rather than "submit" as it has a much more positive connotation and is more erotic for most folks.

You might want to look at the various "rosebud" scripts I posted in the archives as well as they fit your needs fairly well along with some recreational guided imagery. Follow the process, but not the exact words. Let the words come from the context of the session.

As to the suggestion that you should let her hypnotize you as well . . . I would say that’s fine as long as she wants to . . . some folks are more comfortable in one role or another.

I hope this has been somewhat helpful.

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