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Brian David Phillips has extensive experience in hypnosis and entertainment. In addition to being a dynamic communication and influence presenter as well as an extremely engaging speaker and focused trance/hypnosis trainer, he is a wonderfully entertaining stage hypnotist. His background with undergraduate and graduate degrees in communication and theatre and a natural sense of humor and comic timing serve him well as he presents an extremely entertaining program of hypnotic effects that is both fascinating and hilarious. Dr. Phillips is the performers performer as he both presents his own show and he also trains others.

He presents shows tailored to the venue and audience . . . from . . . general audience family entertainment . . . to school performances for high school through university . . . to exciting entertainment for companies and corporations . . . to association get-togethers . . . to private parties and gatherings . . . to night club or adults only entertainment. The show is tailored specifically to the size and type of venue, with sixty, ninety, and one-hundred twenty minute shows. Audiences ranging in size from as few as fifty to as many as fifteen thousand can be wowed with high quality hypnotic entertainment.

BRIAN DAVID PHILLIPS performs a laugh filled bizarre comedy hypnosis show that goes beyond strange and well into the realm of the bizarre! The FUNNY HYPNOSIS show has a distinct flavor in an engaging format and performed in a unique style!

FUNNY HYPNOSIS takes it to the next level of unusual trance entertainment with a special flavor of bizarre hypnotic entertainment . . . a wild hypnosis performance that takes you inside your wildest fantasies with hilarious twists and turns along the way in an interactive performance style that is completely unique while presenting hilarious hypnotic hijinx in a silly comedy stage show unlike any other.While being entertained, audience members will see how one can program the mind with “experiential machines” while demonstrating the incredible power of the imagination.Of course, the comedy gags and silly hypnotic action will keep everyone mesmerized too!


The Brian David Phillips Waking Dreams Hypnosis Show comes in several flavors. Each type of show is designed with the audience and venue in mind. Shows range from general audience and family entertainment to more risque material suitable for adults only. Any type of show can be booked or arranged for your special event, club, party, or venue. We will work with you in designing the right material appropriate to the venue and guests. The flavors include:

  • WAKING DREAMS HYPNOSIS (aka Hypno KOOL or Funny Hypnosis Show) – Family and General Audience Performances, comedy entertainment suitable for anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • WALKABOUT TRANCE STREET HYPNOSIS – General Audience Street Hypnosis Style Performances, we take to the streets and do walkup and simple suggestion effects for your event.
  • MIND MAGICK (aka Hypno HOT, BLISSNOSIS, or DIONYSIAN DREAMS) – Risque and Adult Audience Performances, this is the adults only version of the comedy hypnosis show, the R-Rated show.
  • . . . and more!

Keep in mind the examples above are of specific events, we will work with you to make your event appropriate for your guests.

When booking any flavor of the entertainment hypnosis show for your club, venue, event, or party, keep in mind that there are some basic requirements we have. Shows tend to be 60-90 minutes with or without Chinese interpretation (performance is in English). If you require interpretation, then you will want to plan on the longer show.

Pricing depends upon the type of show, nature of the event or venue, and the size of the expected audience as well as whether or not interpretation is required. Obviously, a hypnosis show requires a willing audience so make sure your guests know it’s a hypnosis show they are going to enjoy and make sure you do your job in getting them excited about volunteering and having a wonderful time. The show is interactive. Audience participation is required for a successful hypnosis show so we don’t make fun OF anyone but make certain to have fun WITH our guests on stage.

For more information about the show, the schedule, or booking the Brian David Phillips Waking Dreams Hypnosis Show email Lorraine Yuk-Lan Law Phillips via the email link here (English-only or English with Chinese interpretation shows available, ask Lorraine about booking and rates).

We will work with you to make your event a great success with just the right sort of hypnosis show for you and your guests.

Venues for Public Performances

Here are a few of the fine venues where Brian David Phillips has performed his Comedy Hypnosis Show. In addition, we are available for bookings for venues, parties, and special events. The show can be tailored to fit your needs.

  • Live COMEDY CLUB Taipei (web), Taipei, Taiwan (multiple performances)
  • The Next Hoorah (web), Tucheng, Taiwan
  • Post Secret Takes Taiwan, Nantou, Taiwan
  • Bliss (web), Taipei, Taiwan (multiple performances)
  • The Living Room (web), Taipei, Taiwan (multiple performances)
  • Spring Scream (web), Kenting, Taiwan (multiple performances)
  • The Farmhouse (web), Taipei, Taiwan (multiple performances)
  • High Land, Chung-Li, Taiwan
  • Smirnoff Taiwan, street party, Taipei, Taiwan
  • ICRT (International Community Raido Taipei, web), street party, Taipei, Taiwan
  • NCCU (National Chengchi University, web), Taipei, Taiwan (multiple performances)
  • . . . YOUR venue, event, or party!

Videos, Photos, and News

  • See the online videos section of our webpages here for a LOT more video examples of performance, workshop, demonstrational, and other hypnosis offerrings from Waking Dreams Hypnosis.
  • Photo galleries of selected past shows can be found here.
  • News and reviews upcoming and past hypnosis show performances and events are here.

Feel free to browse the photograph, video, and training resource sections of this site for more.

The hypnosis show is presented in English with professional high-quality interpretation into Chinese available (Mandarin and Cantonese available, whichever is appropriate for your event or venue).

If you would like to arrange and book a performance of the Brian David Phillips Waking Dreams Hypnosis Stage Show feel free to email Lorraine Yuk-Lan Law Phillips at the contact address here with details on your needs and a query for more information. We will fit the program to your needs and desires . . . shows ranging from kid-friendly family programming to more adult-flavored fare, whatever is appropriate for your audience and venue. Yes, we do indeed perform street or stage hypnosis for parties or events, including certain private parties. However, as with all performances, details are worked out well in advance. Sorry, although we are quite liberal and easy going and do indeed try to accommodate folks as best we can, there are still certain events or venues that are just not possible for our programming at this time (these are few and far between so feel free to contact us with your needs). Chinese and English service are available via this contact for bookings and media.

English language media interested in interviews or other media events are free to email Brian David Phillips at


If you would like to arrange and book a performance of the Brian David Phillips Waking Dreams Hypnosis Show feel free to email Lorraine Yuk-Lan Law Phillips via the email link here (be sure to state specifically what your needs are – stage hypnosis performance, party hypnosis, walkabout trance street hypnosis events, or other needs – as well as the type of event or gathering from entertainment show to corporate entertainment to school festival to private party to more – Chinese language services are also available via this contact). Enlgish language media should feel free to contact Brian David Phillips at to arrange interviews or media events.