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Yes, I really can use a swinging pocketwatch to guide a person into hypnosis, but I rarely do so and usually reserve such gimmicks and props for my stage show. No, I can’t control your thoughts or make you do whatever I wish. Real hypnosis isn’t like the hypnosis of the movies or poorly written novels. It’s an interactive partnership in which we work together. I lead you into hypnosis by using a number of special techniques but you are the one who chooses to follow, for your benefit. When we work together, I am your guide into this wonderful experience.

Can focused trance, hypnosis, guided imagery, or other trance modalities help you? Feel free to email Brian David Phillips at with details on your needs and a query for more information.

I have worked with folks for issues as wide ranging as relaxation training, acting, dance improvement, painless childbirth, skill training, body image, intimacy, fertility, language ability, finding lost objects, posture conditioning, voice training, skill improvement, leadership, sports, self-esteem, goal achievement, getting out of the blues, breast enlargement and enhancement (yes, it really does work for appropriate individuals), weight loss, Tai Chi practice improvement, stop smoking, dynamic presentation, powernapping, letting go of the past, performance issues, stage fright, competitive swimming, public speaking, relationships, sex appeal, charisma, talking to strangers, phobias, fears, anxieties, examination preparation, sexual performance, meeting new people, coaching, lovers, dealing with feelings associated with trauma, nail biting, success, insomnia, sexuality and sexual responsiveness, frigidity, orgasm issues, eroticatrance conditioning for couples, basketball skill sets, test taking, culture shock, adjusting to loss, broken heart, moving on with your life, attracting wealth and abundance, simple curiousity, and much much much more more more more! Browse around this site and you will get an idea of the power of hypnosis and focused trance. Can I help you? Yes, I can!

I have fixed rates for hypnotherapy as well as for recreational hypnosis sessions. Contact us with your inquiry. As part of our outreach program, I do set aside a limited number of pro bono publico sessions that I provide free of charge to international students at National Chengchi University in addition to our regular special deep-discount rates available to all students regardless of that institution (pro bono and student-discount sessions are conducted in English, please inquire about qualification and scheduling).

If you are interested in a group hypnosis session, workshop, or lecture rather than an individual hypnosis session, then we are happy to arrange one for your social group, club, or company. Contact Brian David Phillips via email at with details on your needs and a query for more information. You may also wish to arrange a course for your group on self-hypnosis or other types of hypnosis.

I am also available to give informative lectures or to perform entertainment hypnosis or focused trance shows!

Correspondence and discussions with me, must be conducted in English. Sorry, for the inconvenience.

However, correspondence with Lorraine Phillips at may also be conducted in Chinese.

In addition to our services in English, we are more than happy to arrange bilinguial English-Chinese sessions, trainings, and performances (Mandarin and Cantonese interpretation available).

Let us help you!

All the best,
Brian David Phillips, Ph.D., C.H.
Intuitionist, Trance Wizard, Hypnotist
President, Society of Experiential Trance
Focused Trance Guide, Certified Hypnotherapist
Associate Professor, English Department
National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan