Fetlife Hypnosis Groups Back

So, my hypnosis groups on Fetlife have been restored. Group owners of groups that fit categories that were deleted (due to consent concerns and more) could petition to have their groups restored. I did so and so mine are now back. They are:

Asia Erotic Hypnosis
Erotic Hypnosis Communities
Online Erotic Hypnosis

I also own:

Taiwan BDSM

For those with an interest, I am Meiguolangren as in Meiguolangren zai Taibei (An American Werewolf in Taipei) on Fetlife. I am mostly there for the hypnosis discussions but have other interests . . . nothing I wouldn’t tell my mother about but then I’ve told my mother about some stuff that some folks might cringe at (I know she does sometimes) so there it is.