Test of Panoramic Image with Google VR View

This is a test of my own panoramic images using Google’s VR View thingie for displaying VR content on the web . . . fingers crossed.

First, the raw 360° photo.


Then the vr version.  Once it loads, you should be able to move things around with your mouse on a desktop or notebook computer.

If you click on the full screen icon in the lower part of the magic screen image, it will pop around into full screen – on a mobile phone that should then become an interesting experience where you can move the phone around to see different angles. If you are using a compatible device, you should see a VR icon (you may need to turn your phone on the side to landscape mode for it to display correctly) which should put your phone into VR mode to view with Google Cardboard and the like.

Go ahead and test.

I have uploaded a lower quality version of my image here just for purposes of the test (and convenience of folks viewing the sucker so they don’t have to wait for a multi-megabyte image.

This was taken with my Ricoh Theta S and then edited to create a neat playful version . . . yes, there are problems with the beast but it’s for fun.

This is a 2D version, eventually I hope to be able to create some stereoscopic content as well.