Scott Sandland’s Keynote Address from the Dallas Hypnosis Convention


Scott Sandland ( shares a whole slew of very useful comments and ideas during his keynote address at the Dallas Hypnosis Convention hosted by Richard Nongard.

Scott and I have been friends it seems since hypnotists were carving scripts in stone tablets as we’ve known each other a whole lot of years, much longer than his participation in the very first Walkabout Trance seminar I taught in the United States oh so long ago. We have had private conversations about many of the issues he raises in this speech . . . one difference between Scott and others who bemoan the state of affairs? Scott actually puts things into action in an effort to at least make things better. He made Hypnothoughts and incredibly active social site for hypnotists and then he created the Hypno Summit and then he and our friend Richard Clark started the very excellent Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute (my class on Critical Thinking starts soon, so register for the full program or for an extension class) and then he pushed things forward by co-founding HypnoThoughts Live, a very unusual and very positive open community hypnosis convention (in many ways, HTL is accomplishing what I had hoped Hypnoticon would become back in the day). Speaking of HTL, be sure to register soon for all the extra goodies for Early Bird . . . then be sure to register for my own post-conference seminar in Beyond the Mind Ecstatic.

Scott doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk and then some.

Regardless if you disagree with him, you deserve to hear what he has to say:

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