HypnoThoughts Live and Continuing Education Credits with the Society of Experiential Trance and Elsewhere



We have received a query that others may also wish the response to in regard to claiming Continuing Education Unit credit with the Society of Experiential Trance for attendance of HypnoThoughts Live and other events:

I’m curious how to claim SET continuing education credits for attending HypnoThoughts Live. I participated in a two-day pre-conference training, and then various other presentations throughout the three-day main conference. Does this limit the credits I can claim? How is this calculated?
Also, I just completed an online course via a website for pysicians. The program I did awarded me CME, the credits doctors need to earn each year. Will SET accept these?

HypnoThoughts Live definitely counts toward Continuing Education Units with the Society of Experiential Trance. Credits are based upon session hours so a one hour session is one unit while the full day or multiple day pre-post events count for as many as twelve or more credits. Each session is counted separately so folks are credited for actual sessions attended, not for the event as a whole.

To claim your credits for HypnoThoughts Live session attendance or for other authorized events, there are a few steps. First, if the instructor of the session is an SET certified mentor then you have that person also report your attendance in the session. If you didn’t give them a heads up at the time, then you will want to shoot ’em an email early so that it’s still fresh in their minds. Most folks didn’t take attendance during the presentations so memory will fade on just who was or wasn’t in attendance. If it’s an SET mentor, then reporting the time, topic, and date is enough for the credits.

If the instructor is NOT a certified SET mentor then you need to report the session info AND write a summary of the session at HypnoThoughts Live. The summary does NOT have to be a thesis but it does need to be more extensive than the program booklet and demonstrate you were actually in attendance.

The SET webpages at http://www.trancesociety.org has a page that lists most means for continuing education credits with the Society in order to maintain certification. Some special events do come up that are not listed – HypnoThoughts Live is one of those and does most certainly count toward continuing education for SET members. In some cases, other forms of continuing education can be granted via a case by case basis. In those instances, one needs to contact the SET – usually me – with all of the pertinent information and documentation regarding the experience. Typically, such training is limited to courses related to hypnosis of other focus trance modalities with practical experience. While most folks do not limit their training choices based upon continuing education credit availability, if that is an issue, it’s a good idea to ask prior to purchasing an additional training . . . however, we strongly encourage folks to get training from as wide and diverse a background as possible and while we ask that members maintain their certification via official continuing education, we also ask that they not limit themselves to such trainings alone.

By the way, while I try to balance a whole slew of things on my plate at the moment, one project we are undertaking is a massive overhaul of the SET site with some specific changes to the charter, mission, and services that I think folks will appreciate quite a bit.

Not a member of the Society of Experiential Trance? It’s easy to become one. Go to http://www.trancesociety.org and find out how . . . attend a live training from one of the Mentoring Instructors or opt for certification by exam from any of the mentors who offer the service (just ask ’em) . . . you can even be certified via the online courses at the Institute (http://trancesociety.net/institute.html).

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