HypnoThoughts Live Wow and a Half

Oooooh, we’ve survived Las Vegas and the eXperience was well beyond AWESOME! I will post more later but suffice it to say this conference was absolutely amazing . . . I taught a short workshop on Ideomotor Techniques followed by an all day seminar on my approach to Creative and Improvisational Hypnosis and then my two day seminar on Couples Hypnosis which absolutely blew folks away . . . it was an ecstatic eXperience in more ways than a few! We’re getting very very positive feedback on that one.

Among many exciting things, it was wonderful to finally meet Jonathan Chase in the flesh as we’ve known each other for years ‘online’ but hadn’t had a chance to press flesh in the flesh until now, took us both traveling a big jump to do it but I am glad we did. We watched him do hi s Bucket List show on a Las Vegas stage and it was absolutely wonderful to watch someone else use the ‘each volunteer gets a different induction’ approach I’ve used in Taipei. You have to be comfortable in your own skin to do that but Jon certainly is. Most stage hypnotists back away from that level of playful risk taking so it’s nice to see someone doing it with some panache.

I will write more later, our trip overseas is not finished as we are now in Los Angeles and head to San Francisco this weekend and then back to Los Angeles for Lorraine to finish up some things and finally back home to Taiwan.

Live Trance and Prosper,