No Matter How Long You’ve been Doing this Stuff, You Never Know What Will Happen in a Stage Hypnosis Show!


Yes, it’s true! You really can’t know what’s going to happen in a hypnosis show . . . even when you’re the hypnotist and you’ve been doing this stuff for years.

Look closely at the picture above. The hypnotist who looks like he’s been struck for a micromoment by lightening is my friend Sean Michael Andrews and what’s that in front of him? Yes, it’s an artificial leg being used as a telescope!

Now Sean’s an old hand at this stuff and when folks approach me to say they can’t travel to one of my own trainings for speed hypnosis in Asia when I’ve got nothing scheduled in the States, he’s on a very very short list of trainers in the US who I have unreserved (well, actually, he’s on the extremely short list of folks on the planet who I recommend for this stuff). I’ve known him for years and have seen him in action quite a few times. He’s attended pretty much every speed or walkabout event I’ve had in the United States and the guy knows his stuff. He doesn’t just talk the talk or walk the walk, he gets out into the street and grabs it by the hand and throws that sucker into trance faster than you can say . . . well, there’s no point sayin’ anything as he’s already got it in deep hypnosis and doin’ a jig or few.

In this show at Daytona Beach, Florida, he was going through the classic stage hypnosis routine of telling the volunteers that their shoes are now binoculars and they should take ’em off and start looking through ’em to see something interesting. Unbeknownst to Sean, one of the volunteers goes along with the suggestion beautifully and undoes her artificial leg and starts looking through her telescope! Makes perfect sense as her shoe is attached to the leg.

The fun starts about thirty seconds into the video.

Just for a micro-micro-second you can see Sean’s look of pure amazement as he realizes what has happened but . . . like any good performer, he doesn’t let it phase him and keeps on going. She’s fine and she’s obviously having a good time so he keeps the fun rolling and continues the bit. It’s a truly classic moment when he tells the volunteers that if they get their other shoe they now have binoculars. Seeing her using a leg and a shoe is truly amazing.

Here’s the video:

Now, please be assured that all is well here. Sean talked to the volunteer after the show and got to know her story.

If you didn’t know, Sean Michael Andrews is presenting at HypnoThoughts Live in June in Las Vegas (I will be there too!). He and Kenda Summers will also be doing a show together as The Hypontizers as will Jonathan Chase (in his first US appearance!) so be sure to go to and book your tickets early! Well, be sure too sign up for HypnoThoughts Live too!


I’m really excited about what will be shared at HypnoThoughts Live in between lectures. With all the big names and bigger personalities all under one roof, there will be a buzz in the air.

So, where do you go to learn more?

As you can see, I will be there! Yes indeed. The Society of Experiential Trance ( will also have a table.

If you take a peek at the info, you can see that I am scheduled to present a session on IDEOMOTOR TECHNIQUES on Saturday morning – it’s going to be an intense and fun exploration of a whole slew of methods employing ideomotor effect and we’re talking a roller coaster ride of automatistic fun. 🙂

I will also be at the Leaders Panel.

In addition I’ve been asked to present some special events for the conference and so will be doing an all day in-conference special section on CREATIVE AND IMPROVISATIONAL HYPNOSIS as well as a two-day post-conference very special session on COUPLES HYPNOSIS.

My extra special offerings?

I’m looking forward to this conference and hope to see you all there. It’s an amazing value, a special experience, and a great idea that’s time has come.

Live Trance and Prosper,