BDPXT09 Hypnotic Dominance Enhancement


BDPXT09 Hypnotic Dominance Enhancement (37 min.).

Downloadable eroticatrance audio hypnosis session (Mp3 format) for intimate introspective changework or consensual self-therapeutic purposes.

This experiential trance session is called HYPNOTIC DOMINANCE ENHANCEMENT and in it you will experience a form of deep active sensual imagery along with suggestions for the enhancement of your erotically dominant personality. This audio recording is appropriate for heterosexual or bisexual men and women. It is ideal to listen to this file with headphones to take advantage of the binaural beats embedded within the soundtrack composed of theta-delta sweeps for a deeper trance experience.

This session is created and recorded by Rev. Dr. Brian David Phillips.

BDPXT09 Hypnotic Dominance Enhancement
BDPXT09 Hypnotic Dominance Enhancement (37 min.). Downloadable audio hypnosis session (Mp3 format). If you would like more information on this product - if you're not already there - click on the link above or the thumbnail to go to the product description page.
Price: $35.00