Get Your Very Own Fairy Dragon via the Magick Egg Process

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Recently on the Hypnosis Technique Exchange (, there has been a query and bit of a discussion about my Magick Egg or Fairy Dragon Hypnosis process.

For those with an interest, I have a number of resources that explain the process as well as the background to it . . . some free and some otherwise.

Here are a few you might check out:

This is one of my absolutely favorite processes . . . I created the specific concept after being inspired by a Victorian short story featuring Mesmerism and a Magick Egg . . . it’s a LOT of fun and can be very therapeutic (I’ve received letters from hypnotherapists scattered all over the planet who have used this very process with very good positive effect for their clients, not to mention it’s also a LOT of fun, seriously fun.). I still receive emails from folks who I hypnotized years ago and gifted with fairy dragons to let me know they still play with their dragons on occasion. Think for a moment just how much fun you can have with it as well as how far you might be able to stretch the concept for therapeutic or other contexts. You are only limited by your imagination.

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A recent query via email . . .

Brian, could you explain that Fairie Dragon thing you did at the wrokshop?

That would be the Fairy Dragon Experiential Trance (Magick Egg) process.  I love that process.  I also received some wonderful comments about it both at Hypnoticon and at the Walkabout.

The process itself was the result of spur of the moment on the fly playfulness.  I made that up years ago just in the moment as I was running a playful session and had some time left and had been reading "The Magic Egg" by Frank Stockton, the Nineteenth Century author.  The hypnotist in that story mesmerizes the entire audience and has then watch experientially as he has them believe he has a phoenix egg which hatches.  Well, I’m not so big on phoenixes but love fairy dragons and so I ran with the concept and improvised the first fairy dragon session (folks who have taken my courses know that I absolutely LOVE to play with things and improvise new processes on the fly – using the underlying hypnotic operators/elements/components/juju to leverage response, intensify imaginative involvement, and apply sensory enhancement (yes, the folks who attend the upcoming Walkabout Trance Three and the Eroticatrance Two courses in February will be doing very interesting variations of similar concepts (the same but very very different), and more – see for details and contact Richard Clark soon if you want to take advantage of the deep discount program which won’t stay on the table long).  The process idea worked beautifully so I kept at it and played with it and tweaked it.

For more explanation, there is a video of me explaining and then demonstrating the process here (although the handheld quality during the explanation does get in the way for a bit). This is a Membership bonus – – go to the Membership page to join or renew your free Basic Membership or one of the more robust Premium-Amethyst Membership levels – so just sign up and login to access the video player.

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The manual that I provide for certain of my live Walkabout Trance courses has copies of a transcript of that hypnocast.

It’s a nice little piece and I get emails from folks from all over the planet who use it in their hypnotherapy sessions as well those who use it for recreation or entertainment (the last show I performed in Taipei included that bit).  The girl I ran the process with on the very first run emailed me years later that she still occassionally lets her dragon out to play with it.

Since my recent post on the Fairy Dragon Experiential Trance Process (The Magick Egg), I have received a few comments and have responded.  Here are the bits and tidbits and morebits . . . most from the discussion thread at the Hypnosis Technique Exchange . . . please realize that some of these comments are taken out of context as I am only repeating the relevant parts here (please read the original thread on the forum for more details) also keep in mind that this conversation with various folks is still very much ongoing (I have removed attributions here so please go to the original forum for the background and to keep folks straight) . . .

The Fairy Dragon is a lovely piece.

Thank you.  It really is one of my favorite bits.  It can be adapted to pretty much any context as well (therpeutic through simple recreation or entertainment – I used it in my last show and afterward I saw the young woman who received the dragon gift was swarmed by audience members eager for her to describe the experience).  By now, there are quite a few folks walking around who have fairy dragons of their own.

While I reccommend The Magic Egg by Frank R. Stockton, I evidently need to note that the process is not based upon the story, rather the story was inspiration for the process pretty much in that it’s hypnosis and there’s the suggestion of an egg with a magical creature that hatches out of with magical consequences.

I have delievered the Stockton story as a suggestive patter in performance as part of a presentation of hypnosis in Nineteenth Century literature at an academic conference.  I hedged the telling of the tale by using language patterns and focused movement (miming all of the appropriate actions as if the physical items were there – not unlike the lemon taste suggestibility effect) with very good effect.  Folks familiar with some of the suggestive magical presentation styles of folks like Kenton Knepper, Richard Busch, Brother Shadow, Enrique Enriquez, Ford Kross, Orville Meyer, etc. will understand what I was going for.  It turned out wonderfully and right now I am working on more narratives and techniques for a magickal suggestion-based performance.

I work with a diverse clientel.  Soft and gentle will be good in some cases; but with hardhats, red necks, bikers, blue collars, cops, I dare not use "fairy dragon."  I would think of something more macho…like a Tom Thumb (something).

Somehow, I just don’t see a little Tom Thumb as eliciting great waves of macho.

I have modified it to a fairy cat for women who are cat crazy. Instead of a dragon, it’s a little cat with small wings.  Honestly, I have run the process with more women then men but with the men, the dragon still seems to work fine.  You know, a lot of those red necks have hunting dogs.

Of course, you are correct, adapt any process, metaphor, or idea to suit the trance partner and you’re going to be much more effective. There are folks for whom the fairy dragon image is definately inappropriate and for those you need to adapt.

Yes, a tiny dog, maybe, or pit bull !  hee hee    And, ok; a Tom Thumb-size leprechaun, for instance…not THE Tom Thumb.  What I really meant was something that would appeal more to a male of the sort I mentioned.

Uh, a "fairy stripper" perhaps?  Been there, done that

Seriously, one approach is to simply allow the trance partner’s subconscious to decide by saying something along the lines of "this is a very special egg, it’s a magickal egg and inside is a fairy animal, which is a small magickal creature that has very special properties. It can be a small version of a mythological creature or a miniature fairy version of a real creature.  Now, I don’t know what sort of fairy creature is inside your egg because every egg is different and the creature that emerges from the egg is always just the right sort of creature for the human who bonds to it.  Now, inside your magickal egg, there is a fairy creature and that creature is of just the right sort for you.  Now, this occurs because of a kind of magickal bonding between you and the aether, a kind of magickal airy solution, within the egg.  Even now, at this very moment, you may even notice a slight change in the quality of the air around you or a gentle small sensation of something happening, a charge of positive energy as even now that aether begins to make the appropriate manifestation and transformation of energies that even now call forth the right sort of energies so that when your egg opens, magickally and wonderfully, the creature inside is exactly of the right sort for you . . . now, the fairy creature could be a fairy version of your favorite animal but it could also be a fairy version of something else, something perhaps unexpected but which is just right for you, I don’t know, only your unconscious can know as the magickal aether is guided by the energies within you so that this particular egg . . . right now . . . as you notice the weight of the egg shifts and now perhaps feels more solid . . . now the egg holds within it, as it begins to move and perhaps begins to hatch, a fairy creature that is just right and appropriate for you . . . I wonderful what it is . . . as it begins to hatch . . . now."  Or something to that effect.

Um, I think word that she is feeling that some of her clients may have a problem with is not "dragon" but . . . "fairy".

Then perhaps they need a "fairy fairy" to pop out of the egg.   I know he is joking here (I hope) . . . but . . . it is a point for some folks . . . while it’s not really likely in the moment and within the context, unfortunately, there really are a very few folks who are so incredibly homophobic that the word fairy really does set ’em off into their delightful little feelings of ickiness.

I don’t usually get clients in that range.

However, one does not have to use the word "fairy" . .  magickal, elven, juju, hsiao, or other words are fine.  Even just saying small, miniature, or tiny will work with the magickal aspects implied but not explicitly stated.  Some folks are uncomfortable with terms like magick as well.

Find the phrasing that maximizes your success with that particular trance partner.

Actually…I know where you have gone with this…and it wasn’t the fairy reference to being gay; it is the gentle, airy-fairy sound of it.  I just can’t imagine a tattooed biker sort stroking a little fairy and carrying on with that upper Chakra, heartfelt > stuff they might call woosy!

I can.  Actually, the idea of that image makes me smile.

You are correct that to most folks that would not be your stereotypical behavior for bikers types.  However, there are definately more than a few who would feel comfortable doing just that . . . in a private session where they aren’t in front of their buddies and where they are allowed to just relax and let go of the posturing for a moment or two.  Although, running a process like that might be better following the adaptation I suggested of allowing the client’s unconcsious to decide what "fairy creature" manifests and then perhaps with another twist that "the creature brings with it whatever resource your unconscious needs most, magickally drawing from the aether that which is already within you but which requires reminding and perhaps intensification, for our own good, just as some of the great mages, witches, warlocks, or sorcerers of olde had familiars with them, magickal beings of power that improved and focused asnd intensified the powers already dormant within the mage, so does your fairy creature improve, focus, and intensify your own positive energies . . . I don’t know which emotion, energy, or attribute your particular creature brings out within you, but your unconscious does, and that’s all that is needed as you begin to . . ." or the like.

It seems to me that the technique itself (at least as it appeared to me in BDP’s video) invokes an age regression … and not too many children would have trouble with the fairy dragon ….. and children rarely have tatoos …

Not an age regression per se, at least not an intended formal one, but an elicitation of childish curiousity and playfulness that is drawn through with vocal tone and mannerism.

Of course you could even do this more overtly … begin with an age regression to childhood and then introduce the egg.

Hadn’t actually thought of it that way, might be interesting to play with.  For the most part, the idea is to create a playful quality within the adult.  BTW, actual kids absolutely love this sort of thing.

This is a delightful piece with lots of room to maneuver.

Thanks.  I am glad you enjoyed it.  I plan on introducing some similar and other new variations in February for the folks in the classes – – albeit, we’re going to play with a whole slew of things on those fronts.

Raiya Sinha, actress, attended the Speed Hypnosis Techniques workshop taught by myself (Brian David Phillips (羅狼仁)), hypnotist (催眠), in Mumbai and volunteered to be trance partner for the demonstration of the Fairy Dragon trance technique. Sorry for the poor lighting.
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This video is part of a series of highlights filmed during various of my Speed Hypnosis Techniques workshops in India from Aug. 30 through Sept. 7, 2008, in a three city teaching tour (Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore).

In addition to the Speed Hypnosis workshop Raiya also attended a special actors trancework session at Kishore Namit Kapoors Acting Institute.

See for more free instructional videos and information on other services.

When I taught my Speed Hypnosis Techniques course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in March, among the various techniques I demonstrated was one of my favorites . . . the Magick Egg or Fairy Dragon Hypnosis process. This is truly and experiential process and can be extremely delightful. The process itself was inspired by the classic mesmerism story “The Magic Egg” by Frank R. Stockton. Of course, I took a lot of liberties with the concept – to a degree that the process really has nothing to do with the story only so much as it sparked my imagination to travel in a particular direction. In any case, this is a favorite and there are now fairy dragons residing with human friends all over the globe. This is a free Membership bonus – – go to the Membership page to join or renew your Membership – so just sign up and login to access the video player.

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Obviously, you can very likely imagine a number of contexts in which someone could use this sort of setup.  Certainly as a comedy or recreational process it has many applications.

We will be exploring improvisational and creative ways of achieving similar effects off-the-cuff during the Walkabout Trance Beach Resort Getaway (the event coming in February at For those looking for adult erotic applications, well you can imagine where one might gently stroke or what sort of shenanigans might go on for this sort of thing – check out the Eroticatrance Three for more information.

Likewise, you can also find a complete script of the process in the Journal of Experiential Trance, Jan. 2010, v. 2 n. 1, available in the J.E.T. archives at – speaking of the Journal, please remember you can submit a contribution at any time. When we have enough submissions that have been accepted (after peer review vetting), we publish. We’re about due for a new issue so those who would like to contribute should check out the webpage call and get a feel for the journal and submit soon.

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