Tripod vs the Dragon

Lorraine, Kaye, and I just watched TRIPOD vs the DRAGON and had a wonderful time! It’s a full-on musical comedy delight as Tripod and special guest Elana Stone play a game of Dungeons and Dragons. I wasn’t familiar with Australian musical comedy troupe Tripod until stumbling across a couple videos on youtube and now I’m good and hooked.

Here’s the trailer to give you and idea of the delightful nature of the piece.

I loved the bits on youtube so ordered the DVD from one of the Australian bookstores I buy from rather more than often but you can also get it and much more via the group’s official webpages at See some videos via youtube at too.

Your mileage may vary but my favorite song from the piece is Elana Stone’s haunting rendition of Ivory Tower . . . it’s an absolutely beautiful song . . . wow.

Unfortunately, our hero wouldbe bard does not listen attentively to the lyrics . . . then again, he did roll pretty low intelligence in his stats.

It’s obvious that these guys aren’t just making fun of geek culture but are celebrating it as insiders (the musical finale with it’s description of playing D&D at school or of being picked on for bookish or geekish behavior rings true, especially with the “true story” aside notes) . . . (sorry, no embeds for that video but you can watch it on youtube).

If you don’t know Tripod’s work, check them out . . . if you already know them . . . well then, fuck you for not telling me about them sooner. No, seriously, fun stuff . . . even for the non-geeks out there.

All the best,