Kaye’s Heart Flower is Blooming

I was teaching a unit on ecstatic dance and music today in my course on Special Topics in Music at the university and was about to demonstrate a number of ideomotor effects related to ecstatic experience, one being automatic drawing, when my daughter Kaye sent me a text message on the phone . . . she was excited as she just got the news that she has been accepted into the Music Department at National Taitong University where she will be majoring in music composition. This is a big deal as this was her first choice program and she really fell in love with the idea of going their when we went in for her interviews. It’s far away but she likes it.

So, since she was on my mind anyway, I thought of Kaye when demonstrating automatic drawing . . . my hand then moved the chalk upon the board of its own accord and I didn’t know for certain what my unconscious was drawing until it stopped and my hand automatically lifted away from the board . . .

. . . Heart’s Flower . . . as in Kaye, who holds my heart is growing and now ready to strike out and bloom on her own as an adult.

I’m a bit sad and so very happy right now.

Lorraine and I are very very proud of Kaye.

Speaking of automatic drawing, I am teaching a workshop in Taipei on May 27 on just this sort of thing . . . AUTOMATIC ART: Automatisms for Creative Expression of the Soul . . . see http://briandavidphillips.net/2012/04/23/automatic-art-20-may-2012-free-workshop-in-taipei/ for details and to sign up to attend the free event.

– Brian