Studies Show Homophobes are Gay

On the heels of the recent study that found a significant number of men who self-identified as straight and expressed extreme anti-gay opinions had sexual arousal responses to gay porn while straight men who did not express such opinions did not have arousal response to the same porn (while having arousal to hetero porn that the anti-gay dudes did not get arousal from), another series of studies have found that about twenty percent of the men in a study who self-identified as uber-straight (they were asked to self-identify on a scale rather than as an either-or proposition) were unconsciously misidentifying as gay. Coincidentally, in a number of these studies, many of these men were also expressing extreme homophobic opinions.

In other words, there’s a whole bunch of anti-gay homophobes out there who are actually simply self-loathing gays . . . now, some may know they’re gay and others may not but their sexual responses are to obvious gay imagery rather than to straight sexual imagery.

This does NOT mean all homophobes are self-hating closet gays . . . but enough of ’em are (certainly the various political and religious scandals we see attest to that).

Of course, some homophobes are straight . . . but enough of the really intense homophobes are actually gay that one has to wonder.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they just learned to accept and love who they are instead of trying to punish those who are comfortable with their own sexuality?

See for some discussion of a few recent studies.

– Brian

– Brian