Teen Exorcists

So, Anderson Cooper has jumped on the exorcism bandwagon and hosted Bob Larson and his teen exorcists . . . the same ones we’ve discussed before in regard to a teen exorcist reality television series.

Cooper is a bit out of hid depth here but he gives it a go.

How the Teens Got Involved in Exorcism

Pitching a Teenage Exorcist Reality Show?

How Much Does an Exorcism Cost?

That’s like VooDoo Magic

Backstage: We’re Helping People

Backstage: Bob Larson

Backstage: Anderson Cooper

Backstage: Rev. Motal

Now, regardless of what model one believes in – hint, I use a very different model for this sort of thing, metaphor comes to mind – there are a lot of folks out there who accept Larson’s model. The methods are cross-cultural and have been adapted for thousands of years in different cultures, the particular window dressing of the ritual may be different but the core has been with us for eons.

I’m familiar enough with the cross-cultural cross-religious nature of the material that I wouldn’t subscribe to this particular approach . . . but . . . I do admit a fascination with the workings of how these folks approach what they do. Granted, some folks who do the work are completely sincere in their beliefs (justified in reality or otherwise) but there are also quite a few less-than-scrupulous folks who encourage others in rather circular thinking in order to separate the mark from their coin.

Hint . . . hypnotists who understand the expectancy effect and how to intensify imaginative involvement would not be unfamiliar with the basic underlying principles, regardless of the ritual or ceremonial dressing.

In any case, here’s part of an interview with Bob Larson as part of his work as an “exorcism consultant” for a film:

The Devil Inside

Here’s a bit of Bob Larson in full form . . . he particularly enjoys hitting folks with generational curses and the demon Jezebel possessions:

Generational Curse

Note that the patter during trance is very hypnotic, a therapist might use a very different process and metaphor for positive results.

Allison’s Jezebel Exorcism

Heather’s Jezebel Exorcism

Just so folks know, sexual desire and independent thought are not symptoms of demonic possession. They are often the very positive side effects of becoming free persons. Sure, there may be demons out there . . . but . . . they aren’t always what folks think they are and sometimes free-thinking or bad luck get labeled as demonic influences to control those who question inappropriate authority and to assign blame . . . it’s not just the charlatan’s game.

All the best,

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  3 comments for “Teen Exorcists

  1. avatar
    March 2, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    Hi, Brian.
    One thing that you didn’t mention is that even a quick internet search will help you discover all sorts of…uh…issues with Bob Larson, including sex scandals, misrepresentation, fraud, and fakery. Even mainstream Christian sources have denounced him.

    What I would find even more interesting is whether he has convinced his daughter of the reality of his scams or if she consciously knows the “game” and is simply playing it.

  2. avatar
    March 3, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    Bob Larson has issues? No, Bob doesn’t have issues, he has lifetime subscriptions. The man’s one of the sleaziest con artists, hustlers and religious hucksters that ever (dis)graced a pulpit or preached into a radio microphone. He hasn’t changed since the early days of Usenet and the “alt.fan.bob-larson” newsgroup, which regularly recounted his many failures. His career almost completely flamed out at one point, and I hadn’t heard his name in years, but I guess he still lives on, hustling the unwary.

  3. avatar
    March 11, 2012 at 11:31 pm

    I wonder if after the show, they held Anderson Cooper down and tried to caste the “gay demon” out of him. Unfortunately I think they’d rather do exorcisms on weak-minded teenage girls and poor uneducated Africans. (And yes….if you were not aware, Anderson Cooper is gay)