Mr P does Walkabout Trance at the Edge

Street Hypnotist Mr. P demonstrates some Walkabout Trance style hypnosis at The Edge by hypnotizing a young woman in the shop. He’s got some skills. One thing I like about the video is that he shows a genuine engagement and fun with the process. When Meg shows that she is an obvious high responder during his finger tap bit (when she seems to almost fall back as she responds to the suggestion of relaxation – she is perfectly safe and he is controlling the situation, although a different stance with 45 style foot plant would eliminate the possibility of issues – she actually apologizes for being so responsive and he’s got a nice big grin as he now knows he’s pretty much golden for the session as she’s a natural).

Regulars here will recognize a number of the effects that I regularly do, but as any good hypnotist, Mr. P (sorry, I don’t have his non-youtube name) takes standard effects and playfully makes them his own in real life situations.

Watch the entire video:

MR. P. at the EDGE, PART ONE

One thing I found particularly delightful is that he does the amnesia suggestion and then emerges her so she does not realize she’s been hypnotized. When he fires off the remember trigger, it’s quite fun to see her reaction – especially in regard to being on the floor but it’s all in good fun and she certainly had a great time with the experience.

MR. P. at the EDGE, PART TWO

Now, that’s a fun sequence!

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