Orgasm Playshop Webinar Audio Recording

On 13 November 2011, Brian David Phillips conducted an online workshop on ORGASM PLAYSHOP: ABCs of Suggested Orgasm Workshop for Women via online webinar chat.

The ORGASM PLAYSHOP online webinar session will guide participants through the method of presenting a playful workshop or playshop for women. The original protocol has been used at numerous Lifestyles and swingers conventions as well as private parties, public seminars, and more. Of course, it can also be used for private intimate recreational relationship play as well as for appropriate therapeutic contexts.

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Here is the recording:

Orgasm Playshop:
Suggested Orgasm Workshops for Women

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There you have it. Remember the key protocol points and you will be fine:

Orgasm Playshop: Suggested Orgasm Workshops for Women
Protocol Points

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WB14 Orgasm Playshop Webinar Audio Recording
WB14 Orgasm Playshop Webinar Audio Recording download (multiple sessions). Downloadable audio webinar session (31:24, Mp3 format). If you would like more information on this product - if you're not already there - click on the link above or the thumbnail to go to the product description page.
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