Blissnosis Registrations Closed

focused trance hypnosis workshop in
trance pleasure and beyond with
Breatherotic Breathing Orgasms,
Focused Energy Orgasms, and
Mental Focus Pleasure Modalities

Rev. Dr. Brian David Phillips

6 November, 2-5pm
Waking Dreams, Taipei


If you have not received a confirmation email from Lorraine regarding your registration to the premiere BLISSNOSIS eXperience, then you will have to wait until the next time we offer this material. If you’re not sure, contact Lorraine.

If you are interested in attending the next time we offer a BLISSNOSIS event, contact Lorraine so that she can put you on the notification list. The more folks who request the course, the more likely we will offer it again.

Not sure what BLISSNOSIS is? Then see the info at and be sure to explore the useful links included for your reference. Then, contact Lorraine about joining the next time we hold a group on this and similar topics.