Necessary Roughness and Real Therapy

The television series Necessary Roughness features stories involving a woman who is a working psychologist and hypnotherapist who by happenstance begins working with players of a professional football team along with balancing her family life, her divorce, and her other clients.

Marc Siegel of the LA Times takes issue with the story in part because the main character is not an accredited sports psychologist . . . which she is not. However, as he rightly notes, many professional sports counseling consultants are not trained in sports psychology. Honestly, the sort of things they have shown on the show so far are more in line with more traditional therapy or hypnotherapy than what sports psychologists deal with anyway.

I do a lot of work with athletes who wish to enhance sports performance as well as with actors, dancers, public speakers and more for performance enhancement and have taught courses on the subject.

It is indeed a specialty but in general not to the degree that Siegel’s sources would have us believe. Of course sports psychology is important and there are processes that tend to work better than others . . . however, the assumption that all hypnotists working in the field who are not graduates of a research-oriented program are damaging is erroneous.

See Siegel’s column at,0,3209098.column.

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