Facebook eXclusive Videos

For those of you who follow us on Facebook, we’ve added a cool new feature to our pages there (not the personal profile, the professional pages). If you “like” our pages on Facebook, you now gain access to exclusive video. Once you have “liked” a page, you can then click on the “eXclusive” link in the left sidebar on Facebook and have access to an exclusive video with explanation and demonstration of a very special hypnosis technique.

We currently have two pages on Facebook, each with its own exclusive video so if you like both, you have access to two separate videos on different processes. The current videos are of exclusive original powerful hypnosis processes.

So, if you’d like access to this very special material, head over to our Facebook pages and click on “like” for immediate access within Facebook – the videos are not available elsewhere on the web, nope, not even in the exclusive members-only section here (although we have been adding a lot of neat new content here as well).

Our two pages to like are:

Yes, these are the same Facebook pages linkable in our Follow Us section in the sidebar here on this site (the one with the regular Facebook logo is our regular Waking Dreams business page, essentially the original Brian David Phillips Facebook Fan Page, and the one with the stylized xf logo is the Eroticatrance page) . . . obvioiusly, that section has other social media sites listed as well.

Head on over and “like” us now!

Be sure to invite as many friends to join us at these pages as well . . . the more folks participate in our social media pages, the more info and goodies we’re likely to make available . . . after all, the more the merrier.

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