Use Self-Hypnosis to beat Anxiety

Dr. Valerie Wells goes over some key points on how to use self-hypnosis to overcome anxiety . . . here are her five steps to anxiety relief:

Here are her steps to use self-hypnosis for anxiety relief:

  • Silence all telephones (land/cell), as well as all media (i.e., music, computers, pagers, etc.)
  • Get your body comfortable in a chair or recliner, using pillows, as needed. You may want to use a small cover, as many people experience a slight cooling in body temperature as they relax deeply.
  • With your eyes closed, use your imagination to pretend you can feel soothing, golden massage oil that flows, with gravity, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Moreover, everywhere this oil flows, it leaves behind either a warm or a cooling sensation (your choice, depending on weather, season or bodily needs for comfort that moment).
  • Next, behind your closed eyes, imagine that you can see a blackboard. Now see yourself picking up a brand new piece of chalk (any color you would like) and a brand new eraser. Begin writing down your numbers on the blackboard, starting with the number 100. Write them very large, and as soon as you have finished each number, erase it completely, relax your mind a little more and go down one more number. Sometimes, depending on your stress level that day, you may need to make the countdown even more distracting to your conscious/waking mind by going down the scale on the even or odd numbers.
  • As you drift into a state of comfortable relaxation, you will see an elegant white door appear in your mind’s eye. Go ahead and open the door. On the other side of that threshold is the most beautiful, inviting space you can imagine. It might be an oceanside beach, complete with warm, soft, white sand and a gentle sea breeze. Or perhaps you will see your own secret garden with a shade tree and a hammock or chaise lounge. Just allow yourself to go through that doorway and find your rest in a heightened state of peacefulness. As you let yourself sink into the experience, you are free to make this place precisely the way you want it to be. Are there trees? Can you see boats on the horizon? Would you like to hear songbirds or a bubbling fountain? Be sure to use your own subconscious mind to guide your additions, such as sensory clues or visual stimuli. Do you feel the warmth of the sun or smell the blooming flowers? Can you distinguish the various shades of green in the leaves or the subtle variations between the color of the sea and the sky?

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Of course, there are other things you can do as well.

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