Street Hypnosis in a Restaurant

A LOT of folks who take my live hypnosis training courses or who purchase my various hypnosis training video sets ( are particularly interested in my approach to Walkabout Trance Speed Street Hypnosis.

Within the last decade there has been a bit of an explosion of courses dedicated to teaching hypnotists techniques that allow them to go out into the street and hypnotize members of the public for recreation or entertainment. I’ve taught a number of courses on this subject as well, although my approach does tend to be a bit different from the folks who sell their product with the questionable pitch that they can nonconsensually perform this sort of stuff or that they will somehow supernatural powers.

The ability to hypnotize is an aptitude and a skill, it’s actually fairly easy to learn but may take some a bit more time to master . . . that’s why you take courses where you can practice, practice, practice.

Street hypnosis or Walkabout Trance can be a lot of fun for hypnotist, trance partner, and for makeshift audience. However, it needs to be consensual, safe, and performed with competence and confidence.

Here are a couple clips of a Japanese hypnotist doing some street hypnosis effects in a restaurant setting. Note that he approaches groups and his pitch is open and friendly. Young people, particularly university age, are often open to new experiences (please do NOT hypnotize those under the age of majority without explicit parental consent).



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My comprehensive program in Speed Hypnosis Techniques at covers the basics through the advanced techniques for instant and rapid hypnosis methods that are ideally suited to recreational street hypnosis or walkabout trance contexts as well as for clinic or stage settings. Actually, walkabout and street methods are discussed quite a bit within that DVD set.

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