TSA Sexual Molestation Roulette

The TSA is in the news again . . . I realize that there are very good folks who work for the TSA in the US and that there are very publicity hungry folks who take advantage of the situation . . . but . . . in my experience, sometimes a bunch of smoke is there not because folks are farting over ice cubes but because there’s a fire somewhere.

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6 year old girl groped by a TSA goon. What is this country coming to?

Young Boy Strip Searched by TSA


There really should be less invasive measures to protect folks . . . seriously. Most countries are safe and do not use such methods. Israel and the UK have been dealing with terrorists for a very long time and yet they have very different measures for airports that work but manage to be generally much less humiliating or invasive.

This sort of thing can really give one pause about travelling home to the US.

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