If you are performing eroticatrance (erotic hypnosis) in a stage show, it is important to note that it’s not just about the erotic experience – although that is certainly important – but it’s also about the performance and showmanship.

If your trance partner volunteers are sitting like oozie lumps in their chairs having wonderful quiet orgasmic experiences, that’s all well and good but the folks in the back row can’t distinguish between a light relaxation trance and a deep trance experience quiet orgasm and neither is particularly entertaining to watch.

So, it’s important to add in suggestions to your volunteers that they be vocal and physically active (actually, this is good advice for any sort of stage show, not just an adult-themed one).

In this video, we see how Tony Lee suggests that his volunteers have an intense sexual experience (mentally, that is) and then tops it off with the suggestion that they have a very powerful and very vocal orgasm. Note that Tony adapts to whatever the volunteers give him and that any of the experiences are correct. Of course, you will note that he starts with a higher responder and saves his highest responders for last so that the experience intensifies even more for that person for a wonderfully physical and vocalized hypnotic orgasm.

By routining the volunteers in this way, one is able to maximize both response and entertainment value.

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