Chely Wright is a Voodoo Lovin’ Jezebel

Talk about mixed messages! Chely Wright‘s music video for her song Jezebel is full of the suckers.

So, we’re supposed to feel sympathetic for her character who is seemingly only fighting to keep the love of her man but in doing so she humiliates, tortures, and drenches the “other” woman all through the power of dark sympatheric magick and voodoo. Hmmm, I guess someone forgot to read the ethics chapter of her grimoire.

I think there should be a sequel video in which we watch all the negative karma play payback-time on Wright.

Or, not.

It’s a fun video and it’s nice to see some Tarot and Voodoo portrayed in a mainstream music video.

Readers here know I love voodoo dolls and while I most certainly would never advocate using them in the manner that Wright’s character does in the video, I do use them in my stage shows and for recreation quite a bit. 🙂 The trick to ’em is in the suggestion.

All the best,