The O Files . . . a plethora of hypnotically induced orgasms

Well, you’ve seen my demonstrational and educational videos on the subject and you’ve read my essays and scripts and tutorials and more on the subject in the blog here and you may have even purchased my highly sought after DVD distance learning programs, especially the premiere program on erotic hypnosis available anywhere, the Eroticatrance program at but even after all that, some folks still have hidden doubts or insecurities about inducing erotic states or orgasms via mental focus alone.

Well, just to put your mind at ease, if you give it an honest go and practice practice practice, yes, you can develop the competence and confidence to induce orgasms within the minds and bodies of your consenting partners.

Here’s a video of one particular stage hypnotist who puts these sorts of methods to work regularly and notice how even though he uses pretty much the same technique each time, he is still able to enhance the trance partner’s responses and create wonderful erotic and even very very powerful orgasmic states.

Of course, if you’re approaching this material fully and with other contexts in mind, you will find that the methods are highly adaptive and will work with consenting adult recreational situations with your appropriate sensual partners as well as for therapeutic situations where one is instead helping someone overcome sexual response difficulties or the like.

Now, I do offer hypnotherapy for individuals or couples who wish to address issues related to sexuality and I’ve taught a number of workshops for couples in Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, the United States, and elsewhere.

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