Elfquest . . . fan movie trailer

Awesome and a half!

A group of web-series actors and actresses have created their own fan imagining of an Elfquest movie and their teaser trailer looks pretty awesome!

This is all with Richard and Wendi Pini‘s blessing.


Uh, yes, I could actually identify every character shown in that sucker and it’s been a few years since I last picked up my first edition copies to re-read.

Their webpage at http://elfquestfantrailer.com has behind the scenes photos and cast listings that show some more goodies not in the teaser.

Elfquest is one of my favorite comics from back in the day (I have some wolfrider action figures in my office at the university and they’ve been there for close to twenty years now). Read the original comics at http://elfquest.com. Warner Brothers just renewed their option for a new film version and a new producer’s become attached so fingers crossed that the real thing actually gets made.

Methinks, it’s about time to pick these up again for another re-read.

All the best,