Presuppositions of NLP Webinar Audio Recording

This is the audio recording of a webinar (web-based seminar) presented by Dr. Joseph (Deepak) Vidmar on the PRESUPPOSITIONS OF NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING presented in the community webinar series as a guest of Rev. Dr. Brian David Phillips. The discussion centered upon the foundation principles and underlying principles of NLP and how they can be used effectively.

Yes, this recording includes detailed discussion on the history and principles of NLP presented by someone who has been intimately involved with NLP and Psychology for decades. Dr. Vidmar is a retired Psychologist and former Chair of the Louisiana Psychological Association. You can visit his webpages at

This recording is over one hour of detailed discussion on this topic.

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Here’s the recording.

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If you would like to learn more visit Dr. Vidmar’s webpages at

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WB03 Presuppositions of NLP Webinar Audio Recording
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