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Hyundai Attempts Mass-Hypnosis for Super Bowl . . . hypnosis in commercials!

It’s Super Bowl time and companies have rolled out their special event campaigns. Hyundai takes a hypnotic approach and attempts some mass hypnosis within their commercials . . . with tongue in cheek but hypnotic operators in full effect. First, we are reminded of our pre-existing hypnotized trance state. HYPNOTIZED We follow up with some…

The Most Illegal Wrestling Move: Using Hypnosis! Seriously, the greatest professional wrestling match ever!

This has got to be the most amazing professional wrestling match ever! Human cobra hypnosis, baffled opponents, even wrestlers from the locker room are caught in the spell. I love how the announcer screams out “He’s using hypnosis!” Amazing stuff! Seriously watch the whole thing. This is just amazing . . . read http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/parenting/detail?entry_id=82444 for…


Hypnosis Training 催眠課程 Chinese Information Current Hypnosis Courses 羅狼仁教授催眠課程 Brian David Phillips Hypnosis Courses 以下為已排定的訓練課程,所有合格會員均可享會員優惠。授課語言為英語附國語口譯,發給學員的講義為英文版。有關所有課程的詳細資訊可參考網站:http://www.trancesociety.org 講師簡介: Brian David Phillips為現職政大英語系副教授,從事催眠工作和研究多年,經常在國外刋物發表關於催眠的論文,除了教學經驗豐富,並擁有主修戲劇和大眾傳播的學歷背景,對催眠表演有深入專業的研究。(詳細資歷可參考政大英語系網頁或 www.briandavidphillips.com)。 註: 上課使用國語逐步口譯,報名費內含英文講義。

Stage Show Venues

凡有興趣邀請羅教授作現場催眠表演的單位,可電郵至lorraine@briandavidphillips.com留下聯絡方式和預定表演日期。 Venues Here are a few of the fine venues where Brian David Phillips has performed his Comedy Hypnosis Show. In addition, we are available for bookings for venues, parties, and special events. The show can be tailored to fit your needs. Live COMEDY CLUB Taipei (web), Taipei, Taiwan (multiple performances) The Next Hoorah (web),…


現場催眠秀 Hypnosis Stage Show 羅教授為在台唯一固定表演垷場催眠秀的催眠師,這乃是真正的催眠秀,並非一般催眠師常做的催眠示範,主角是現場志願接受催眠的觀眾,透過催眠達到啟發表演潛能、身心解放的目,還兼具娛樂觀眾的效果。催眠秀與一般表演最大的差異在於每一次表演都由不同的觀眾擔綱,在無從綵排無法預測之下,表演的內容是一連串的驚嘆號,可說是真正打破表演者與觀賞者界線的一種演出方式。由於羅教授俱備紮實的戲劇舞台訓練,比起一般沒有戲劇科班背景的舞台催眠師,無論在口語表達,氣氛掌控和舞台效果方面都更專業更具可看性,曾經體驗過他的現場催眠秀的觀眾,都印象難忘。