Hypnotic Orgasm Technique and Script Mega-Post

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So, I’ve posted on this before . . . but . . . since it’s come up so often lately, I am reposting with some additional material for those who are eager for this sort of information. Before we get into the nitty gritty of orgasms, hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, and just plain ‘ol poleasure hypnosis, I cannot stress enough that the material in the EROTICATRANCE DVD program at http://briandavidphillips.net/2001/06/12/dvt31-eroticatrance/ is an excellent resource for ANYONE with an interest in this material. If you want to take your erotic hypnosis skills to a whole new level then you probably should consider the ULTIMATE PLEASURE HYPNOSIS PACKAGE at http://briandavidphillips.net/2001/06/11/pack06-ultimate-pleasure-hypnosis-specialist-package/ a must-have and by must-have I mean MUST HAVE!. Seriously, this is the most comprehensive program in this topic we offer and it’s golden.

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A member of the Hypnosis Technique Exchange is out and about posting to several groups that he is Looking for Hypno-Orgasm and Pleasure Scripts. Now, here’s the fun part. Even though this particular very competent hypnotist knows me and my interests and sent me a query in private in addition to his public queries posted to a few of the email lists I belong to . . . five different people sent me forwards of his queries in private. What do they say about the Law of Five? Well, five has significance to me in any case.

As I sent him my private reply as well as posting a reply to the exchange, I don’t think I need to repost the same reply to other groups. However, there are folks who might be looking for the reply who are not familiar with the other venues. I know this is an area of interest to a lot of folks as this is one of the most popular sections of this blog. So, I am putting my brief reply here.

Obviously, any sort of hypnosis should be done with one’s trance partner’s best interests in mind. When someone agrees to be a trance partner, they are agreeing to surrender a most precious thing, their critical factor (although the hidden observer is still present) and are agreeing to do so with the implied construct that you treat them well and that all suggestions are for their benefit. Keep it safe, sane, and consensual. Otherwise, you can very well fuck up your relationship with that individual in ways that can have ramifications throughout the rest of your life.

If you don’t know how to perform hypnosis safely, sanely, and with full consent, then don’t do it. Go get some proper training and experience first. Yes, I do teach some very powerful techniques that can be adapted to any context (therapeutic, recreational, entertainment, and – yes – even consenting adult trance situations). If you want learn to do it right and do it well, then go here for my latest official course training schedule or go here for my current workshop and training announcements.

Okay, that’s enough foreplay for now, let’s get to the meat of the matter:

I’m going to Burning Man. (http://burningman.com) The theme this year is the subconscious, and my camp is very excited to have a trained hypnotist with them.

This is very very kool! My envy meter is at full velocity on that one. I am sure you will have the experience of a lifetime and help craft memories and experiences that your trance partners will bring home and think fondly of for years to come.

Enjoy the experience and have a WONDERFUL time! Do take tons and tons of photos while you’re there and get out there and craft some truly marvelous memories . . . both for yourself and for the folks who consent to be your trance partners in what, for them, will very likely be a truly trancendent experience and a perhaps a very powerful moment in their lives as most of them are likely never to have experienced this sort of thing before.

I know a couple folks who’ve been to Burning Man a few times (a couple of the stereophotographers on my 3D photo exchange list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/3D-StereoviewXchange take 3D photos of the events so if you see someone with a weirdasslookin’ camera please be sure to pose. Some examples include http://www.burningmanopera.org/2003/2003_stereo.html and http://www.3dculture.com/bm3d/. My 3D galleries are at http://public.fotki.com/briandavidphillips/3d/ and http://public.fotki.com/briandavidphillips/cosplay/3d/ but alas, no Burning Man . . . although that would be a wonderful experience to have. I am certain you will have a very wonderful experience. Folks interested in more can read the 3D stereophotography category at this blog.

I’ve already got some willing and enthusiastic subjects, and I thought this would be a great time to experiment with giving real pleasure and hypnotic orgasms (for the ladies).

Only the ladies?  Hmmmm. Just kidding. Every once in awhile, some guy will contact me who has been listening to my special market recordings intended for women and the experience is . . . interesting as in "interesting times we live in" not as in "thrilling" or the like. However, you could do some open-gender exercises for all comers instead of just focusing on women.

One take is to simply adapt the old Drug of Choice Induction and apply it to erotic experiences (I use a similar process when working with folks wishing to the use of illegal substances – in Taiwan, marijuana is illegal and drug traficking convictions come attached with the death penalty so not a few expatriates who wind up here develop a need to adapt their habits and experiences. The process is fast, easy, and effective. Heck, just offering a drug of choice type hypnotic experience where you teach folks how to get high hypnotically and completely legally would probably draw a lot of comers in a place like Burning Man. Of course creating a hypnodrug type process or even a Hypnotic Talisman with erotic experiential pleasure associated to it or even an orgasm trigger (learn more about Hypnotic Talismans in my psychic or metaphysical hypnosis course at http://briandavidphillips.net/2001/06/12/dvt24-psychic-hypnosis/. You could also play a bit with colors as erotic stimulus sets and associated synthesia similar to what I have done with the color purple. Be wary of just installing orgasm triggers that emphasize climax only though as climax alone is not nearly as fun as the build up of pleasure intensity that surrounds the climax within orgasm.

In addition to an orgasm chair of the type Rick Brown discussed in his piece already pointed to you (Rick used to do seminars of this type at lifestyle conventions and never had a dearth of willing participants), you might also consider something along the lines of a general pleasure process appropriate to either gender. A general group induction (adaptation of the Elman works fine or a hyperempiric pleasure enhancement induction) followed by a group pleasure sense type imagery. Something along the lines of the When Two Become One (or more become one) process I posted here – I used to have a free MP3 on my site but you can now learn it in the http://briandavidphillips.net/2001/06/12/dvt31-eroticatrance/ program or in my upcoming live workshop on Hypnosis for Passion and Intimacy Enhancement coming up in Hong Kong in February – but with everyone in the group sitting, standing, or lying and placing their hands so that your right hand is on the heart of the person to your right and your left hand holds the hand of the person to your right (the person to your left has their right hand upon your heart) or some other variation to get the limbs mixed and make a contact chain among the participants. That process is described here and the full script is at here (available only to members of the exchange and the MP3 used to be available at http://www.briandavidphillips.com(in the DRTRC MP3 section). Another process which will work for single or mixed gender groups as well as individuals is the Nexus process which I still get emails about from folks who have used it to very very good effect in their own relationships as well as at couples and group intimacy workshops (note that I no longer have the MP3 for that piece in public circulation as it is being revised for a special product line, it is only available to a select few – if you see it being distributed, please report the culprit immediately) . . . either or both of these processes would be appropriate to the venue at Black Rock and both of them can be levereged to take advantage of the semimystical context under the shadow of the Burning Man (although don’t stand out in the sun, keep to the shade and drink tons of water).

Since it is Burning Man, you might consider doing a nice fixation induction and trance session using the actual burning man as the fixation object with some nice "opening to new possibilities and a wonderful movement forward in your life" feel good type suggestions as a kind of group induction based upon ritual. Or, if you just want to keep it pedestrian, associate the burning of the man with the hot wet fire burning in your body as the man burns hotter and hotter so does your vagina as the fire enters into the man so does the deep hot wet fire of your passion ignite hotter and hotter inflaming your desire and passion . . . yadda yadda yadda.

I have a good pleasure induction I learned from Mark Cunningham, but I don’t have any hypno-orgasm scripts. I know that this forum has them in the archives, but I don’t know which ones would be the best to work with.

The "best" one to work with is the one that works for that person in that context. Really, anything and everything will work as long as you’ve got a willing trance partner. It doesn’t matter what the words are but the feeling you evoke within that person at that moment.

Ideally they would be shorter, or more of a structure outline than a long page of wording. I don’t want to have to bother with paper in a windy camping environment.

You’re a competent enough hypnotist that I would assume that even if a script is longish you can read it once and get the general idea of the process and can then work from there, right? [Note to Readers: I know the hypnotist who sent the query to be a competent hypnotist and a bright fellow, I am being playful here. He knows what he is doing and certainly knows his way around a trance.] You shouldn’t really need to read scripts when running a process as processes are always better than scripts. If you do, then outline ’em on a blank business card and work from there.

All scripts are models or processes and really shouldn’t be used verbatim with live in person subjects anyway. Competent hypnotists should be able to take a script and find the process that drives it so that they can adapt to any context or situation.

If you’re already familiar with a pleasure set, you can accerlate the pleasure from there and then contextualize it to sexual excitement and pleasure, intensify with deepeners and compounding suggestions associated to increasing hypnotic responsiveness and sexual experience, when the trance partner is ready, give ’em a count up suggestion to multiply the pleasure with each number and with the final number explode in an extremely powerful volcano of an orgasm. Then, do the count . . . but do some jigjags with the countups . . . 1 more powerul, 2 even more powerful, 3 each number intensify, 4, 5, 6, 5, 6, 7, 6, 7, 8, almost there, 6, 7, 8, 9, get ready, at the last number, really let go and explode all through your body, your mind, and your spirit, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8, 8, 9, and, here it comes, here you cum, 10 EXPLODE! Or something like that. Compound the word you use for climax by reinforcing and keep at it for a few multiple explosions (don’t overdue it) and perhaps set an orgasm trigger phrase or action while the trance partner is in state and experiencing it so you can demonstrate it later out of trance (folks will enjoy the rest of their time at Black Rock by self-triggering for pleasure and for orgasm and you can have specific context triggers for intimate appropriate significant others – be sure to set any triggers so they cannot be fired by just anyone so folks aren’t abused by complete strangers who happen to be standing by.

A process I adapted and then changed and modified some more to my own needs is to have the trance partner first do a count up for pleasure intensity and then coopt the experience. In any case, what I would suggest is to do the initial pleasure induction and initiate deep responsiveness then do a countup suggestion for pleasure to "the most intense pleasure you have ever experienced" and have the trance partner to the count up (this can be used in a non-erotic context for other forms of pleasure as well and can be leveraged in any context by giving a hand press compound association along the lines of "as you count, the pleasure (or good feeling) increases exponentially and the harder you squeeze my hand (or your partner’s hand or use your trigger of pressing the forefinger and thumb together or whatever) the more powerful it feels the more you press the better it feels the more you count the more powerful the more you press the better it feels" and so on or whatever. The point being that the trance partner does the count up to the climax point.

Once the trance partner finds that point of pleasure, specifically guided to "ultimate pleasure" you can then coopt that point and say, that is your base point so whenever I say "whatever you say my trigger word for this is pretty well known" then that feeling washes over you even more powerful each time I say "whatever" you feel that even more intensely. Then pop the trigger and compound it as well as accelerate it with some count ups to a new explosion point by inerspercing the numbers with the trigger.

Then, you can coopt the point yet again and do a count up to five for even more intense pleasure. Then as the trance partner is at the cusp, you go up all the way to nine and then say, "with each breath in, feel the pleasure entering you more deeply, with each breath out, the need to explode becomes more powerful until you must explode (or cum or whatever) and at that point, and not before, you will let me know that you must release that you must explode and I will guide you into that wonderful experience" . . . then as the trance partner builds that experience and then signals for release, you do another countup from five or so so the sensations are extremely intensified.

I also like the Three Dials notion used by Mike at Hypnogirls (actually, I used it for regular clients as a very nice deepener and suggestin compliance setup). The finger snapping is jarring if you don’t do it early on so if you use it make it gentle and let the person know from the get-go that you’re a finger snapper. Some folks don’t like to use snapping but if you let someone know, it becomes an useful tool (similar to classical and associative conditioning methods used with clicker training for animals).

So if there are any good scripts / outlines of hypnotic orgasm and pleasure please post them or send them to me.

Most of the good ones have been listed ad infinitim in the past but some basic places to get the lists via http://briandavidphillips.net are in the Erotic and Sexual Hypnosis and Experiential Hypnosis and Focused Trance blog categories. Eventually, I will set up a best of type articles category at my Waking Dreams professional services site with sections devoted to this material as well. I will also eventually rework a great deal of the material for my book on erotic hypnosis for couples as there is a lot of material that I’ve already written that just needs some careful editing and reworking (I just finished the beta draft of the manual for the Society of Experiential Trance hypnosis training course and was rather shocked when my first draft came out to eight hundred pages – I finally cut it down to a mere three hundred and some for the first run of the course next week but will very likely move things around some more after that).

The following of my essays are most relevant to your specific query with links to scripts and processes:

Short scripts or processes that I think would be most appropriate for your immediate needs . . .

WHAM, BAM, TRANCE YOU MAAM (Solid Gold Processes for Pleasure that have received the strongest feedback):

BRIAN DAVID PHILLIPS (These are other processes I’ve written that might be of some interest for this context. While erotic hypnosis is not my specialization, it certainly is one of my interests. Some of these are quite serious while others are just plain playful. Experiment and have fun . . . within an appropriate context and always mindful of the interests and needs and desires of one’s trance partner. Yes, this is only a fraction of what I’ve done in this area . . . and . . . yes, eventually I will indeed finish my damned book on the subject.):


That is more than enough to get you goin’

P.S. also good guided imagery scripts would be fun

There are a few of those listed above.

I would strongly suggest you go to the free resources audios and videos here, especially for some audio webinars you can listen to streaming for free if you’re logged in as a Basic (free) member of this site (the audios can also be purchased for download):


You might also wish to download the HYPERSEX.doc word document in the exchange’s files archive as it is the complete text of the original Hypersex: Pathways to Ecstasy book by Eugene D. Alexander, PhD (the original inventor of the "hyperempiria" process) as it has a number of hyperempiric inductions and imageries specifically designed for consenting adult couples. The file was uploaded to the archives by Dr. Alexander to share with exchange members as he seeks feedback for the next edition of the book which is certainly going to be bigger and better. There may very well be a number of ideas there that you can borrow or adapt to your purposes and the context you’re going to be working within.

Do keep in mind, that for us old hypnofarts . . . or, old hands, as it were . . . who have been around the hypnotic block so to speak, doing this sort of thing is a fairly straightforward and simple process (although I am sometimes surprised at the number of hypnotists who are unfamiliar with the basic concepts as far as application goes . . . then again, as my wife sometimes reminds me, my mind works differently from a lot of folks). For your trance partners, this will be more than simple application or easy trancework, it can be a very powerful and life enhancing experience. Make it a good one!

I know the hypnotist who originally asked about this material is competent and qualified and knows how to handle a trance partner with diginity, grace, and competence. However, we get a lot of newcomers here so I am going to repeat myself again . . . I’ve said this stuff a thousand times and will keep repeating it ad infinitim . . . as it needs to be repeated . . . remember . . . when it comes to any recreational or entertainment application of focused trance modalities, and most particularly when it comes to erotic tranceplay . . . while hypnosis or focused trance can be very beneficial for recreational self-exploration or pleasure enhancement for CONSENTING ADULTS who have agreed to play in a SAFE, SANE, and CONSENSUAL manner . . . it is not merely a mindfuck game. The other person’s welfare and desires must be taken as parmount importance. No means no and yes only means yes as far as it is safe and sane. Don’t assume you can every manipulate someone else into complying with your own hidden agenda . . . the only agenda should be the other person’s welfare.

Now, go mine the archives here and I am certain you will find exactly the sort of information you are looking for. If you need clarification or further advice about a specific technique, then feel free to post the reference and ask away.

Of course, I would suggest you also learn the basics and seek out competent training for that (actually, whether you wish to use this stuff for recreation, entertainment, or even therapeutic work – yes, erotic contexts apply to all of those – then good solid basic training is very very worthwhile).

By the way, those in Taipei who wish to learn how to do this sort of stuff safely, sanely, and consensually, are free to contact me about setting up a seminar (either take the SET training or I’m happy to setup more specific workshops on particular topics, including consensual trance approaches for couples relationship enhancement which the current topic would fit under . . . albeit the consenting adult material requires bona fide couples who are indeed informed consenting adults).

Be sure to check my training schedule at http://www.briandavidphillips.com for upcoming courses in Erotic Hypnosis as well as my various Couples Hypnosis workshops and more.  The show schedule will give you current shows on the docket that fit the adult or non-vanilla aspect of my work as well.  Or, book us for a training or performance event.  There are products related to this topic in the shop as well.

There you have it! That should get you started. However, as I’ve said before and I will keep on sayin’ . . . I really cannot stress enough that the material in the EROTICATRANCE DVD program at http://www.eroticatrance.com is an excellent resource for ANYONE with an interest in this material. If you want to take your erotic hypnosis skills to a whole new level then you probably should consider the ULTIMATE PLEASURE HYPNOSIS PACKAGE at http://www.eroticatrance.com/package.html a must-have and by must-have I mean MUST HAVE!. Seriously, this is the most comprehensive program in this topic we offer and it’s golden.

Actually, if you’re a beginner, you might also want to consider the comprehensive ULTIMATE PLEASURE HYPNOSIS PACKAGE at http://www.eroticatrance.com/package.html as it includes the core hypnosis skills within the instruction sequence.

I hope this has been helpful.

All the best,

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