Cosplay Goodness or Cosplay Goofiness?

Regular readers here know I love cosplay . . . I take photos and have been going to local cosplay conventions for years and once our daughter was old enough we started carting her along and now my daughter has been an active cosplayer since she was four years old (she’s sixteen now and will be seventeen very soon).

So, once in awhile it’s nice to see a beautifully done cosplay con tribute. Here’s a particularly well done one:

Very well done same day edit.

Here’s another . . .

This one is a next day edit.

Now, here’s another cosplay con video that makes things seem just a bit less cool.

What’s particularly interesting is that all three of these videos and more were done by Ackson, whose youtube channel at has a number of really pretty cosplay pieces much like the first in the series.

Interesting peek into the goofiness and the sublime . . . from personal experience, I would attest that both do indeed exist as portrayed here. Most folks tend to focus on the one or the other but they’re both certainly there.

– Brian