D&D this Weekend!

Been on a very long hiatus from Dungeons and Dragons . . . it’s seriously been years since we’ve picked up polyhedral dice and killed something monstrous . . . we have been getting our roleplaying fixes with live action in the ol’ muder mystery party, LARP, and interactive drama freeform mode . . . a LOT easier to teach new players how to play scenario based Live RPGs than to whip out the tabletop tomes and confuse them. Besides, I’m a big fan of the whole costume dressup thing.

Anyway, a friend who used to run AD&D games with us nearly a decade and a half ago is back in Taiwan for a very short visit . . . so . . . we’re having a bit of a pickup game with him on Saturday. Somehow, Michael Cheng still had a bunch of our old character sheets so we’ll step back into those characters for the occassion. My daughter Kaye wants to play as well so this will be interesting (last weekend she got out her Chinese edition of the rule books to show school friends in the hopes of hooking them on the drug that is fantasy roleplay).

Sure, to some, that makes me a bit of a geek . . . but, so what . . . I’m a hypnotist . . . I’m pretty much an odd puzzle in the minds of most folks anyway so yet another bit of oddness only adds charm to the puzzle . . . okay, for some, it just makes me seem odder but that’s okay too. I don’t mind if they miss out on some really amazing experiences . . . leaves plenty more for those of us who know what real kool is.

Or, something to that effect.

– Brian