How to Do the ORGASM HANDSHAKE for Hypnosis Shows

We’ve been doing a bit of a series on stage hypnosis gags and how to approach various effects lately, so let’s continue on with one of my favorite bits . . . albeit NOT for everyone and most certainly ONLY for shows and venues for consenting and appropriately vetted ADULTS ONLY . . . the hypnotic orgasmic handshake.  Seriously, this is ONLY for appropriate audience and never for groups with underage folks (I know of at least one stage hypnotist who got into very hot water performing this sort of thing for a high school show . . . that is very much the opposite of an intelligent thing to do – keep your general audience shows rated G and only do R material with appropriate groups, use common sense . . . if you don’t have common sense then find one who does and use theirs).

The setup is fairly straightforward, hypnotize your volunteers and set up a way to intensify their sensations of arousal . . . this can be done via straight suggestion but I will sometimes use a clicker – yes, the sort you might get in a pet store for animal training, I’ve a whole slew of the things – and use a suggestion that everytime the volunteers hear the clicking sound they become more and more aroused . . . obviously, the vocabulary you use for this will depend upon context . . . some folks say “horny” while others say “aroused” . . . all that really matters is that your vocabulary choice get the point across without offending your audience members.

Once I’ve got the volunteer aroused, I intensify it and then will typically build that arousal to a breaking point and when they’re on the edge of their seats, I will ask if they’d like to release . . . you know what that means. Now, since I work via interpretation with my wife, I will make a show of insisting that I have to ask my wife if it’s okay for me to “make” my volunteers climax . . . sometimes I will have the volunteer ask my wife’s permission for me to make them climax . . . that’s funny and playful and gets some interesting audience responses.

Once permission has been gained – and Lorraine always give it as it’s part of our setup routine – I then suggest that when I shake the person’s hand he or she will have a loud powerful orgasm . . . note, loud and expressive volunteers are the most entertaining for the audience.

Here’s an example from a show I did in Taipei so you can see part of the setup and the delivery of the suggestion as well as execution:

Note that I am very careful not to allow my hand to touch the volunteer inappropriately . . . although in this particular example she pulls my hand downward pretty powerfully during her responses. I will discuss the additional trigger effect of the use of “boom” in a later post in this series so we will visit this scene again. Just so you know, as I had a chance to speak with the volunteer after the show, this is the very first time she had ever been hypnotized and had only come to the show as a last minute addition to a party of friends (yes, they were glad they brought her along).

Yes, something similar to this works great for therapeutic hypnosis as well . . . albeit context will mediate execution and application for use.

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