Tarot Trance Hypnosis Process (BDP Hypnocast 12)


Tarot Trance. This week, the Hypnocast is an encore replacement edition of a previous post with a very special audio and video episode. This is a discussion and demonstration of Tarot Trance, a variation of the Through the Gate into Tarot process which was the first audio hypnocast episode so long ago (still available for direct download in the archives here). This particular variation of the Tarot Trance process is a single-card method that involves intensified imaginative involvement for a fully realized experiential trance experience, ideomotor action, and other trance phenomena leveraged to create a dynamic and postive experience. As it’s been a while since my last full episode upload, I have made this a very special episode in that the video includes the basic explanation as well as demonstration footage of me running the process with three different trance partners (the clip is after the induction, deepening, and processes for ensuring somnambulism and responsiveness). All three of the examples are of trance partners experiencing their first ever hypnosis session.

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Live Trance and Prosper,
Brian David Phillips