Kaye’s Band Performing at HS Music Festival

Here are some more video framegrabs of my daughter Kaye Elizabeth Phillips and her as yet unnamed band performing at a music festival invitational for high school rock bands. The band, while rough around the edges, was names one of the top bands performing at the festival. Kaye plays drums for the band which is composed mostly of a core groups of friends who have been hanging out since they were kids. Most of them are students at NCCU High School while Kaye is the only one attending a music specialty program. While Kaye is a piano major (along with a composition double major) in her high school program, she took on the role of drummer for the band as she’s comfortable exploring new things musical.

You can see the complete gallery of images at http://public.fotki.com/briandavidphillips/kaye/20101113kayeband/.

Obviously, Lorraine and I are very proud of Kaye and her musical accomplishments.

All the best,