Kaye’s Band performing at NCCU

Some of you may not know that my daughter Kaye is now also in a band and plays drums . . . yes, drums. Oddly enough, not keyboards even though she is a double major in Piano and Composition but drums, an instrument she has no formal training in and one in which she had no real practical experience with until we picked up the drum peripherals for the Guitar Hero and Rock Band video games . . . and yet her bandmates have asked her to play drums and she’s taken to it rather well.

Those of you who know I played drums in band as a kid can imagine she’s following in her father’s footsteps but she’s not . . . her band already has a few folks who can play keyboards but not drummer so they asked Kaye to do it despite no experience or training as she’s the only one with “real” music background . . . she sat down and the first time she played with no experience the girl’s aptitude kicked in and she’s already much better than I ever was. She’s got skills.

See the rest of this gallery of images of Kaye and her band performing at a public event at NCCU High School at http://public.fotki.com/briandavidphillips/kaye/20101106kayeband/.

– Brian